Top 13 best Zendesk help center designs

best help centers designs

Want to know how companies tried to improve their help center’s design and what happened as a result? Check out our listing of Zendesk’s best help center customization examples. Get to know the latest UX trends, including some winning solutions from customer experience practitioners!


goodr help center

Goodr has created a minimalistic yet colorful and friendly help center. Custom blocks on the main page help users to quickly find the information they need.

Flatrock theme with customizations was taken as a basis for this help center. The header and footer were borrowed from the main site.


2. Shapr3D

shapr 3d help center

The strict and smooth shapr3d help center was made based on the Flatrock theme with significant customizations. The header and footer were taken from the main site. A video gallery was added to the main page to help users get the information they need faster.


3. Zapier

zapier help center

Zapier's minimalistic and functional help center was created based on the Selway theme. The list of categories on the homepage helps the user to navigate through the website. And table of contents helps to navigate through the article.


4. Cognism

cognism help center design

Cognism’s minimalist and modern design transferred over organically to its help center. In both cases we see geometric flat patterns that correspond to the brand’s logo and the main site—hard to not recognize the company!

This sales intelligence platform provider has chosen the Lotus One theme for their help center. It includes all the necessary Zendesk customizations:

Among their additional customizations, Cognism decided to brand the theme and include a Video Gallery extension on the homepage. The result? A very well packaged and easy-to-use help center with the same look as the company's main site. Old and new customers love it!

5. Picsart

picsart help center design

Simple but inspiring, the layout of Picsart's help center is fresh and playful. It’s a good example of how to efficiently organize information on one page. As believers in visual aesthetics, Picsart set their sights on the Hudson theme. Notwithstanding the fact that they used a readymade template, they’ve created a truly unique help center.

Thanks to some additional customizations such as branding, Popular Searches Side Navigation, Server Status, Alerts for important notifications, and Prev/Next buttons, Picsart's help center design gives off a pleasant vibe, has a unique look, and speaks for itself.

6. Estateably

estateable help center design

Estateably’s help center not only features a set of customers’ frequently asked questions but it also has a nicely organized knowledge base that’s jam packed with useful content. For the sake of customer comfort, Estateably chose the Conway Zendesk theme because of its highly customizable page layout. First they branded it and then they focused on additional customizations.

With their display of sections as tiles, usage of category icons, FAQ-blocks for easy access to articles with the "faq" label, and a table of contents at the start of each article, Estateably's help center is incredibly easy to navigate. There’s no doubt customers love when it's simple.

7. Route

route help center design

If you have two types of customers like Route, you might also want to create two different help centers. Each one can speak to each of the company’s diverse user bases (Shoppers and Merchants in the case of Route), but be united on one custom landing page!

Thanks to branding and customization, the help center still looks similar to what customers used to see on the main website. And though targeted at different kinds of users, these two different help centers share the same look: both have a custom search bar and support menu navigation, and the mobile layouts are different from their desktop versions.

route help centers designs

8. StudySmarter

studysmarter help center design

Here’s one more help center design that’s in sync with the main website. By having the header and footer echo the main website and by implementing branding, StudySmarter has created a unique, seamless help center experience for its customers and agents.

StudySmarter implemented the Lotus One Zendesk theme in the help center and added a couple of crucial customizations to it like a Table of Contents in the articles section and Alerts for important notifications.

9. CallRail

call rail help center design

Full of different options and features, CallRail’s help center gives the impression of being a trusted source of information on the product and company. Their customers are pretty lucky! They even have the option to participate in the community and share their own knowledge and product experience. And a special shout out to these quick guides here on the home page! Stellar!

CallRail adapted the new Flatrock theme for their Zendesk help center UX needs and branded it to the fullest! Here we see Server Status extension, four custom blocks with important links, and a Contacts Widget. The Contact Us block and the Category List (Help by Topic) were also customized.

10. HomeKey

homekey help center design

The Search Bar reigns in HomeKey’s help center. They also use How To video content and help guides—everything is here on one screen and catches your eye as soon as you visit the portal. If a customer still needs info, they have the option to contact support by submitting a request.

HomeKey opted to use the bold Selway theme, which features a prominent FAQ section. After customization, the help center matches up with the main site. It features two videos on top of each other in the hero image, and Side Navigation on the inner pages. They also use different icons for category boxes on the home page.

11. Fastened

fastened help center design

Who would have thought that an FAQ page could look as stylish and attractive as Fastened’s? Vivid yellow instead of a classical white background makes the help center of this electric energy provider in Europe less educational and more creative. Giving an accent is also a nice way to play with firm color.

The company chose the Selway theme for its usability and for features like the FAQ section in the hero unit and popular searches under the search bar. Full of helpful info as well as being attractive, pleasant, and welcoming, this type of help center also features opportunities for contact support! Customers won’t leave without having found the answer to their question!

12. Krisp

krisp help center design

The Krisp help center is sleek: a customized header, a sticky search bar on all pages, animated icons for categories, highlighted featured articles, and a wide use of formatting options in the articles. The airy space between sections and the blocks of text and images make users feel relaxed as if the whole layout is saying, "Don't worry, dear visitor, you'll find your answer!"

Krisp chose Lotus One for their Zendesk help center UX tasks—one of the most popular themes. It garners its popularity thanks to extensions and additional features that help customize the help center to the max, making it as adaptable and personalizable as possible!

13. Airrobe

airrobe help center design

Earlier we mentioned Fastened’s help center (№8 in the listing) and its creative approach to the FAQ section in its design. But just take a look at this minimalist version of the same template! It’s worth mentioning how different these two help centers look and how branding can change the entire feel of the website.

Airrobe help center is created with attention to what their customers are used to seeing — minimalist, black & white aesthetics that sync up with the design of the main site. To organize content and improve the Zendesk help center UX, they chose the Selway theme with an FAQ section on the home page.

We hope this article gave you some inspiration! Remember that good design and UX is an aesthetically pleasing part of any website, including a help center. It’s also a cost-saving solution, which explains why companies invest in it!

Also take into account that your help center should be able to function widely. It should have intuitive navigation, attractive content formatting, and improved ticket forms; that, paired with modern, fresh, and attractive design, you’re guaranteed to win the hearts and minds of your customers.

If you still have questions or need further suggestions on how to customize your Zendesk help center, don't hesitate to leave a request for a free consultation with one of our specialists. Lotus Themes will help you communicate with your customers in the best and most beautiful way possible!

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