Formatting Components

Compatible with any Zendesk theme.
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Zendesk Guide, by default, does not come with additional components to format articles but the problem is solved by our extension, which is fully compatible with Zendesk features. It allows you to make content in the help center more attractive and convenient to read.

Look at the variety of visual components that you can add to enhance your Zendesk Guide. 

Note that all these additional components are already included in Zendesk templates from Lotus Themes.

Callout Blocks

If you'd like to emphasize important information and make it stand out to your website visitors, callout blocks will perfectly fulfill your need. Use different colors and frames to separate instructions, important links or call-to-action segments and attract your visitors to the sections of your pages that give you greatest gain and convey the message that you want to.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome icons capture your visitors’ attention in an instant. They can instantly be customized in your Zendesk theme — size, color, shadow, and other changes that can be done with the power of CSS. You can use any of 675 icons anywhere in your Help Center (layout, articles, etc.)

Tabs and Accordions

Sort your Zendesk Guide's content easily with components such as tabs and accordions. These features let you get a lot of content into one place without cluttering up your Help Center so that your pages won't look too long. Creating attractive content is simple once you have these additional components within your Zendesk help center custom theme.

Video and Image Styles

Enjoy the freedom of exploring your creativity and giving your customers a pleasant experience on your Zendesk Guide when you use components that apply effects and styles to your images and videos. Apart from making your content more attractive, they are much more comfortable to view, thanks to styles such as frames and shadows.

More Components

The additional components included in this Zendesk extension are too many to just elaborate here. The list goes on and on:

  • Code formatting
  • Text styles
  • Description lists
  • Quotes
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Callout blocks
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Font Awesome
Check out our Help Center articles to see how additional components from this Zendesk extension are implemented.