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Our themes support not only basic functionality
but also features unavailable in the standard Zendesk Guide template by default.

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You can choose any of our ready for use Zendesk Help Center themes. We will install your chosen template into your Zendesk Help Center and check if it works properly.

Quick Branding

You can order Branding or Customization services to customize the chosen theme and meet your branding requirements.

Responsive Zendesk templates

Responsive and Retina-ready Zendesk templates

Our responsive themes for the Zendesk Help Center are designed for all kinds of devices. Your customers will be able to use your Help Center on any device — either on a large desktop or on a small smartphone.

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What our customers say

Lotus Themes has been very helpful on numerous occasions. Every single agent I have dealt with has always gone above and beyond and delivered exceptional customer service. Well done!

— Jennifer H.,


Thanks very much for all of your help, the site is all ready looking great. I have recommended you to the guys at Zendesk.

— Andrew M.,


Great customer services. Quick to respond by email. Very helpful and clear communication. Thanks!

— Tom S.,


Amazing customer service! Will definitely refer them to colleagues.

— Jenine C.,


Unreal. Andrey was fantastic. He helped with all modifications. It looks seamless and works great. Satisfaction: Very good. The whole team was super helpful and we cannot thank them enough.

— Sam M.,

Iron tanks gym gear

The team at Lotus Themes has always been super responsive and very upfront when offering advice and guidance.

— Chris,

PGH flag football

The customer service was great! I was very happy with how quickly requested changes were made. It made the launch of our new Knowledge Center easy.

— Rine B.,


Absolutely outstanding! :) Thanks!!

— Michelle M.,


The theme itself was a fantastic starting point for customizing our own theme and a great improvement from the default Zendesk themes. The process of setting it up was actually like a tutorial on how to get working with the Zendesk templating system, so aside from having a great theme, I now feel much more ready and comfortable to edit it going forward.

— Ian A.,


We love our Zendesk theme! We used the Flatrock theme and love its design and functionality. It’s super easy to use — both for end-users to navigate and for admins to customize on the back-end. Our Lotus customer service rep was wonderful. We did experience some delay between requests, but our questions were always answered comprehensively and to great success within our system. We also appreciate that the customer service rep showed us how to customize the theme on our own, so that we can continue to make changes without always going back to Lotus for help. Overall a great experience!

— Carrie H.,


Honestly, I LOVE it! The Lotus Theme’s team copied my header and footer to perfectly match my live site. Definitely has my recommendation 100%! Satisfaction: Very very satisfied! Amazing service!! Thanks so much guys!!

— Griffin T.,


We are very happy! The theme is lovely, but we purchased it so that we could implement Guides. Once we had put in the work to make the guides flow, Lotus Themes implemented coding that allowed the Guides to flow beautifully. There is a banner on the left and sections expand when you are working on a lesson and collapse when you move to the next lesson. Lotusthemes team is amazing! Very responsive!

— Pamela M.,


Great and amazingly fast support! Thank you so much!!!

— Ziv,


I love the design, and it’s already made a big impact on our help center. We ended up changing the cover image and some of the colors, so it’s perfectly on-brand for us, and we’re very happy with it. The customer service was excellent — quick and effective responses to my questions pre-sale, and also great follow up help when I had questions.

— Meagan D.,


We purchased the Flatrock theme and installed it with minimal assistance. We’re technically astute and digital marketing experts. The Flatrock theme was easy to modify/customize once it was installed in our (Zendesk) account. If/When we needed clarification, the Lotus Themes support team were quick to respond and provide assistance. You will find Pooki’s Mahi’s support center with the Flatrock theme at

— Pooki's Mahi (Team),


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