This extension provides simple, customizable and responsive notifications for your Help Center.

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Notification banner is a simple and elegant way to let your Help Center users know about important things, like System Outages, Announcements, Releases, etc. Now you do not need to use coding, just place all necessary messages in your Help Center header or wherever you need using regular editing tools.

To place a banner you just need to create an article with a message and to mark it with a special tag. Zendesk API extension will put the banner in the needed place and will edit it according to the mentioned tag.

By default, banners can consist of 4 pre-installed types of notifications:

  • info, 
  • warning,
  • danger, 
  • success

They have different colors and icons. If you like you can always add your own unique banner type.

After closing our Notification banners do not appear again.

The banners support multi-lingual feature of Zendesk. That is why users will get the notification translated to the language of their Help Center.

If necessary, Lotus Themes developers can edit the script so that banners will appear only for some groups of users or make any other customization which you will need.

Currently, we provide this extension for our themes only.


  • no need in coding
  • pre-installed and customizable notification types
  • supports multiple languages
  • can be used in all themes
  • Zendesk Guide plans: Lite, Professional, Legacy; Add-on for Zendesk Support plans: Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise, Elite
  • Free installation
  • Customization service available

Notification variations

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We are currently experiencing an outage in our East Coast Data Center.

Without icon

We are performing scheduled maintenance. we should be back online shortly.

Without Close button

Alert Success

New version of our app (2.0) has been released!

With Title