All Browsers Compatibility

Technology is developing rapidly nowadays. Our Zendesk Responsive themes can help you to develop as fast.

Make your Help Center friendly for users

Browsers are windows to the web, and a well-designed help center is incomplete if it does not render uniformly on all major browsers. Cross-browser compatibility, therefore, has become of prime importance in recent times.

Designing a cross-browser compatible website from scratch involves time and effort, apart from the risk of missing out on crucial design aspects. Our themes, though, are tweaked for cross-browser compatibility and especially designed for your help center.

Optimized Code

Our themes use valid and compatible code to render your help center perfectly across 99% of browsers used today such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Since our themes are web standard compliant, you need not worry about being penalized by Google for bad code and losing your customers.

Smart Design

Smart design architecture complements our themes’ optimized code to provide your readers with a pleasant reading experience on desktop as well as mobile browsers. We’ve put each of our themes through extensive testing to ensure that it they are cross-browser compatible.

Customer Friendly

Let your readers enjoy every feature of your help center without missing important information. Show them that you are service-oriented with our user friendly themes that give them the flexibility to access your help center from anywhere, over any browser or device.