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Protection plans

Immediately after the purchase almost no one thinks of unexpected expenses in future. However, they may come out of the blue when you need to fix something, update your help center to the most current Zendesk features or even get additional services. Are you ready to pay full price for these or delve into Zendesk functionality alongside your primary job responsibilities?

You can save time and money by getting one of the protection plans* from Lotus Themes. As an authorized Zendesk solution provider we know the ins and outs of Zendesk Guide and learn about all changes ahead of time. So all the issues will be solved in the shortest time possible and your help center will be prepared for updates. Just pay once a year and enjoy an extended warranty and free services for 12 months.

What’s more, benefits include priority service, free extensions, email branding or customizations for your Zendesk Guide. To enjoy the extended warranty and extra benefits you should buy a protection plan within 3 months after the first purchase.








Free troubleshooting 3 months
Zendesk updates
Priority service
Extension / 2 hours of customization
Email branding / 3 hours of customization
Developer support

* Protection plans cover all themes purchased from Lotus Themes if they haven't been customized by external developers.

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