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Multibrand License

Zendesk Multibrand License allows you to create multiple help centers while using just a single theme. So instead of purchasing multiple templates, you can buy only one of them and get a multibrand add-on for each additional brand or help center.

If you have separate support portals for your brands or different help centers for different departments within your organization, you can buy only one of our Zendesk themes and use it for all of them. Multibrand License allows you to stay consistent within your corporate style or make your Zendesk help centers look different by modifying the template extensively, without having to buy multiple themes at full price for each support portal.

Your end-users will be welcome to access your help centers, each with its own content and design elements but in accordance with the brand style.

Save on the redundant costs and get one theme along with Multibrand License for each additional brand or help center and use it on all your Zendesk Guide instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many help centers does one license cover?

One license covers one additional help center. For example, if you have two help centers, you should purchase one theme and one multibrand license for the second portal. If you have three help centers, you should get one theme and two licenses.

What are the next steps after the purchase?

You should send us a list of all help center URLs on which you’re planning to install the theme.

Can we purchase multibrand licenses later?

You can buy licenses at any time after the theme purchase when you need to use our theme on additional help centers.

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