The new generation service just for you

We do our best to provide you with a great result as soon as possible. With minimum effort on your part! Your satisfaction guaranteed.

How does it work? Don’t worry! We’ll do everything for you!

You select a suitable theme for you from our wonderful Zendesk themes collection, and we will provide you with useful tips and help you to make a choice.

Optional (included in the Branding or the Zendesk Customization service). We can edit the colors according to your brand, make the header and footer the same as on your main website, change the icons and necessary links.

Download a Zendesk theme. You can easily install the template into your Zendesk Help Center, or if you want we can do it for you — it’s free.

We check that everything is working well. And inform you that everything is ready.

You accept our work and enjoy the results. We provide a warranty on our products.

Simply tell us your preferences, and we guarantee that we will provide you with a rapid and high-quality result that you will enjoy.

Zendesk Help Center — It’s our specialty

Our calling is Zendesk Help Center. We enjoy using Zendesk ourselves and helping our customers to implement it. We don’t create websites or design other help centers. We only work with everything that is related to Zendesk Help Center.

We put all the emphasis on Zendesk, which helps us to achieve the great results.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

We not only create top-class designs by implementing the best practices and the most modern design tools, but also are very knowledgeable when it comes to the Zendesk architecture.

We truly specialize in our field. Thanks to our deep knowledge, we can guarantee a quality result faster, cheaper and better than freelancers and web-studios.

  Lotus Themes Freelancers Web-studios Do it Yourself Zendesk standard themes
Cost $389-$1200 $200-$1500 $1200-$3200 $0 $0
Professionals take care of your project
Deep knowledge of Zendesk architecture, not a single detail is lost
Installation of theme and checking it
Possibility to use any color scheme
Applying all the necessary corrections and refinements
Responsive and Retina-ready templates
Modern and thoughtful design
Support of Awesome Font and extra elements for creating articles
Support of all Zendesk functions
Rapid results
Unique design of Help Center
Performance of work not connected with Zendesk