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Customer service dilemma: Human touch VS web self-service portal

Posted on 14 Aug 05:00 PM

This article will indulge in the interesting topic of human touch, regular customer service support via agents in the form of live chats, help desk applications, phone calls and more VERSUS web customer self-service. The main advantage of the latter is that, once it has been created, it can replace a number of people and improve overall service.

How to Fine-Tune Your Zendesk Help Center Theme

Posted on 1 Aug 03:00 PM

To realize the full potential of your Zendesk help center theme you can use a variety of special features, cool extras and useful tools. Find out which ones will let you realize the full potential of your Zendesk hc.

Optimizing Your Zendesk Support Process

Posted on 29 May 12:39 AM

These time-tested suggestions can be a boon to your support system and can steer your marketing efforts toward long-term success.

Inspire Employees to Care About Customers

Posted on 16 May 02:22 PM

Although the job may often be masked in fun and enthusiasm, customer service is, in reality, an uphill battle much of the time. Apart from dealing with complaining customers most of the day (with the nice ones turning up once in a blue moon, if at all), there are times your employees even have to deal with verbal abuse.

How to organize content in your Help Center forums and Knowledge Base

Posted on 25 Apr 09:59 AM

Help center Knowledge Bases (KBs) and community forums need to be highly organized to make information easily searchable. They should be like libraries and catalogs – all in one – with the accessibility of online resources and freedom that comes with hosted solutions.

The 4 Most Important Help Desk Metrics

Posted on 11 Apr 08:06 AM

Customer support has been the prime focus of businesses today, and many have turned to Help Desk systems to automate their customer support experience and improve their end game. Though a Help Desk system identifies customers or their tickets as a number in a queue, businesses have identified that a customer can be satisfied only when their support staff treats them with dignity, listening to them and displaying patience while they resolve their issues.

Ways To Attract Customers To Buy More From You

Posted on 26 Mar 10:30 PM

The thrill of charting out a business plan and acquiring new customers by implementing it is certainly enthralling. However, as your business grows this should not be the only thrill that keeps you busy. Sadly, many like to keep enjoying this new found thrill resulting in the doom of the business.

Customer Service As A Lead-Generating Channel

Posted on 12 Mar 07:14 PM

Lead generation is the beginning of any business marketing strategy. Most modern marketing gurus promote digital marketing as an effective lead generation channel that includes landing pages, blogs, subscription pop-ups, and forms. All these time-tested lead generation channels have one thing in common, i.e. communication.

The 7 Sins of Self-service Support

Posted on 28 Feb 09:57 AM

there are some mistakes that businesses often make with a self-service support that can be worse than not having self-service options at all. These practices make businesses fail on the promise of self-service support; they are the 7 deadly sins, those which must not be named, but which we shall.

How To Write A Perfect Zendesk Knowledge Base Article

Posted on 12 Feb 09:35 PM

Asking queries or doubts freely doesn’t come naturally to humans. The use of search engines to search for information online has become second nature to users. This self-service trend highlights the importance and effectiveness of a good knowledge base for any company or business.