11 New Extensions for Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk extensions refer to additional features intended to facilitate and enhance the functionality of the help center. They enable you to expand considerably the functions provided by your help center to your users, boosting their customer experience at the same time. We have the following new extensions available to you at your convenience.


1. Improved Ticket Form Selection

Improved Ticket Form For Zendesk Help Center


There are plenty of Zendesk ticket forms, and as a rule, they come in a dropdown format. They do not always look good, and it may sometimes be the reason for wrong requests submitted by the customers.

This extension helps to present the tickets in a more user-friendly manner, for example, lists or blocks. Numerous customer reports confirm that the extension enhances the user experience immensely. For instance, using this extension has helped Buffer decrease support ticket submission by an impressive 26%.


2. Icons for Categories, Sections, Topics

Icons for categories, sections, or topics


This option attaches a distinct and recognizable icon to category, section, or Gather topic blocks on the main page. In addition, it maps each icon to the ID of its allocated item.

This way, the extension will considerably enhance the navigation around your site in a quick and user-friendly manner, making your main page more effective, as a result.


3. Advanced Ticket Field Descriptions

Advanced Ticket Field Descriptions


As part of the standard Zendesk procedure, the field descriptions in the ticket forms appear as plain text only. Advanced Ticket Field Description, however, enables you to make detailed descriptions and display them in richer formats by using, to name a few:

  • Links
  • Underlines
  • Italics
  • Bold types
  • Images

You can also specify a different description for each category within one field. These options help to enhance the customer experience and facilitate request processing too.


4. Featured Articles

Featured Articles extension for zendesk help center


The standard Zendesk functions for promoting the articles may sometimes be insufficient for your particular purposes. Or you might want to present several specific articles across the sections and categories.

Featured Articles applies a specified filter to the article display. It uses different labels to display the articles on the help center's pages. All you do is attach a selected one to corresponding items, and the extension will display them automatically.

For instance, we apply this method to the FAQ section in the Selway theme.


5. List of All Section Articles

List of All Section Articles Extension for Zendesk Help Center


With Zendesk, you can only display no more than six articles per section on a page. The user must follow the See More link to a separate section page for additional ones.

That might be too few in some cases and sometimes even irritate your customers too. This extension enables you to show whatever number of articles you may have for each section, with no limits imposed whatsoever.

How to build a help center capable of reducing tickets?

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6. Recent Articles

Recent Articles For Zendesk Help Center


This extension comes in particularly handy if you would like to keep your customers regularly notified of the recent updates in your help center.

Recent Articles enables you to create lists of recently updated and added items, which will enhance the customer experience immensely and make your clients feel you care about them too.


7. Section Accordions

Section Accordions For Zendesk Help Center


Section Accordions enables you to display sections as accordions. By default, the page shows a list of sections only. When you click on one of them,

it expands its content, and you can see a list of articles. When you click on it again, the accordion collapses. Section Accordions saves a lot of space on the page and makes the sections considerably more convenient to navigate.

8. Suggested Articles For Ticket Fields

Suggested Articles For Ticket Fields For Zendesk Help Center


In some cases, you might want to have more control over the presentation of suggested articles in a new ticket, and this extension can help you a lot by displaying selected articles for specified fields. All you do is attach a label to corresponding articles as a tag.

All the items on each list must have the same label, and when the user selects a topic, the extension will automatically display all the corresponding articles. In addition, you can set the extension to present them as accordions or lists of links.


9. Top Articles

Top Articles For Zendesk Help Center


This extension classifies all articles into three distinct groups and displays them accordingly:

  • Recently updated or new articles
  • Promotional articles
  • Most popular articles

The extension makes your content more intelligible to the users, and it also helps you to draw their attention to the relevant parts of it.


10. Top Navigation

Top Navigation For Zendesk Help Center


Top Navigation extension enables you to present all sections and categories of all the inner pages on top of a page, making it a lot more convenient for your customers to navigate your Zendesk help center. And it saves a considerable amount of space for the actual content too.

In addition, it automatically adjusts the navigation to all the newly added items and structure updates and avoids the API request limit by caching the results. Moreover, it is perfectly compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.


11. Popular Searches

Popular Searches For Zendesk Help Center


Popular Searches compensates for the lack of tools in Zendesk for identifying popular searches. It shows the most frequently searched items under the search field on the main page of your help center.

That will enhance the customer experience enormously by facilitating the search for relevant content. You can add specified search terms in the theme's settings, and when clicked, the search results page opens with a prefilled search term.

For instance, Flatrock, Selway, and Conway themes include Popular Searches automatically.



These Zendesk Extensions will enhance the self-service and customer experience immensely by allowing your users to either work out their problems without submitting unnecessary support tickets or create tickets that will be easier to solve.

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How to build a help center capable of reducing tickets?
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