Zendesk Multilingual Functions

Standard Zendesk multilingual functions, access to 40+ languages and additional language-based capabilities from Lotus Themes.

Maximize Your Zendesk Help Center with Multilingual Functions

The multilingual function is already present in the Zendesk system, but it can be difficult to integrate this complex feature into a third-party template. Maximizing language functions on your themed Zendesk help center pages requires an in-depth knowledge of Zendesk HC architecture and how to apply the programming to a variety of items, including icons and menus.

We've built all our themes to optimize your experience with using multilingual functions in the Help Center. In addition to standard Zendesk multilingual functions -- and access to over 40 translation languages -- every theme designed and maintained by Lotus Themes includes certain language-based capabilities.

Converting Standard Help Center Elements

Standard Help Center elements are converted into different languages to meet the needs of global visitors. That means home page welcome messages, service alerts, footer-based legal notices and company tag lines are translated by the system into chosen languages. Individuals can select their language to view critical information in a manner they understand.

Converting Custom Elements and Articles

We take it a step further and also convert custom elements to match the chosen language. We add your translations for icons, buttons, phone numbers, callout boxes and text in other customized page elements. Custom elements can also be modified to fit comprehensively and graphically with various languages -- an important requirement, since not all languages present the same way on the page.

We add your translations and also help you ensure tickets and articles are created, translated and displayed properly in user-friendly languages so you can provide all your customers with an appropriate, accessible knowledge base.

Auto Detection of User-based Languages

Zendesk auto-detects user language based on emails or other communications with the Help Center, automatically changing responses and service ticket information to the appropriate language for ideal communication clarity.

Support Your Customers Better with Lotus Themes

One of the reasons you chose Zendesk is because it's a versatile, flexible platform that lets you support your customers.

Now, choose Lotus Themes. We augment existing Zendesk functionality with beautiful, brandable themes that create user-friendly interfaces across your Help Center pages. Every theme is more than compatible with existing multilingual functions because we always work to enhance functionality to provide you with greater options for your Help Center.

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