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This extension provides simple, customizable and responsive notifications for your Help Center.

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Usually after finishing reading an article we would like to forward to the next one, or to go back to the previous.

Also, sometimes the Help Center structure is sequential, so we need to study articles one after another. For example, one big manual can be divided to several parts and each of the parts is Help Center article.

Our extension is created especially for such cases. It adds buttons at the end of articles, which forward to the previous or the next page. This makes work with Help Center easy - there is no need to go back to the list of articles to look for the next article to open it.

This is the next level of comfort, that is why we recommend to use it with all types of content with no exceptions.

The extension works perfect both on full screen and portable devices. It also supports Multilingual Zendesk feature.

The extension can be used with all themes, including standard Zendesk themes and themes issued by other developers.


  • no need in coding
  • supports multiple languages
  • can be used in all themes
  • Responsive and Retina-ready
  • Zendesk Guide plans: Lite, Professional, Legacy; Add-on for Zendesk Support plans: Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise, Elite
  • Free installation
  • Customization service available

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