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Lotus One

Customized Zendesk Theme

If you want to use your brand colors, please order the Branding service. Need more deep and individual changes? Our Customization service can help.

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  • Zendesk Guide plans: Lite, Professional, Enterprise, Legacy
  • Modern browsers compatible: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE11
  • Microformat, supported by major browsers, helps you achieve better distribution of your content to users from search.
  • All Zendesk features and more (see details below)
  • Fully customizable typography and color palette
  • Additional formatting components included
  • Side navigation extension included
  • Prev/next buttons extension included
Lotus One

About the theme

Lotus One is a custom Zendesk theme that was created for our help center. It is based on the standard characteristics of our templates and features best practices of Zendesk customization. The theme includes a sticky header that is visible at all times, categories with icons on the homepage, side navigation that makes the help center easier to navigate, an advanced prev / next extension to forward to the previous or next page, and custom links in the header and footer.

Lotus One is a real money saver as you get a customized Zendesk help center without having to pay for every customization and thus save about $400. You can either keep this theme as it is or add other changes like branding and additional customizations.

Lotus One

Responsive & Retina-ready

Our responsive themes for Zendesk Help Center are designed for all kinds of devices and all major browsers. Your customers will be able to use your Help Center on any device — either on a large desktop or on a small smartphone. To ensure that themes are cross-browser and cross-device compatible we put our themes through extensive testing.

Additional Formatting Components

Our themes are equipped with additional formatting components to make your articles more attractive and easier to read without having to install multiple plugins or features. Whereas these components are not provided in the standard Zendesk theme by default and have to be purchased separately, templates from Lotus Themes include all the files you need to make these changes free of charge.

Additional Formatting Components

Internal Pages

All the pages are redesigned to provide great user experience

What you can do on your own


Our themes have advanced tools for basic changes (colors, fonts, hero image, icons & homepage layout). You don’t need coding skills as you make changes in the editor. If you prefer not to do branding on your own or you want advanced branding, order this service from us.


Install your new Zendesk theme fast and in a hassle-free manner. Simply follow these easy steps in the instruction. Alternatively, you can order our free installation service.


If you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, you can make any Zendesk customization at any time as you get access to the code that’s easy to read and modify for other developers. If you don’t want to spend time on Zendesk customization, you can order Customization service from us.


Immediate access after the purchase

In 3-5 minutes you get an archive with files for importing into the help center. You can customize the theme as you wish before publishing.

Full compatibility with Zendesk

As a Zendesk partner we know the ins and outs of their software and add components not offered by Zendesk.

Live demos of all our themes

Test theme design and features in demos and discover which suits your needs best before making a purchase.

Clean code that is easy to modify

You’ll have no bugs and modify the theme easily as our developers use modern design tools and double-check every piece of code.

Font Awesome included

Themes are sent with Font Awesome (700 icons). You can use these icons in articles and other pages to make them perfect.

DIY branding

Unlike standard Zendesk theme, our templates have advanced tools to let you brand your help center without external help and coding skills.

Free installation

If you prefer not to spend time installing the theme, our specialists can do this free of charge, incl. content integration.

Multiple languages

In addition to standard Zendesk multilingual functions, every theme includes certain language-based capabilities.

Compatible with extensions

Buy extensions to make life easier for your customers and agents. They were created for our themes and are fully compatible.

Tailored and professional-looking Zendesk themes help our customers succeed

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