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This Zendesk extension makes the user experience more engaging and memorable
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A video gallery is an efficient and convenient Zendesk extension that allows you to communicate and engage with your end-users. It makes it easier to show the benefits of your products and services and explain how to use them. Lotus Themes can help you display embedded videos on the help center and make the most of them.

We design a video gallery on help centers in such a way that it looks clear and neat on any screen size. No matter how small the screen is, it will automatically adjust to it, and your end-users will enjoy using the video gallery on any device.

Whether you have a business-oriented or an entertainment website, videos can enhance the user experience and rating of your Zendesk help center in search engines.


  • Free installation;
  • No coding required;
  • Responsive and Retina-ready;
  • Customization service available;
  • Zendesk Guide plans: Professional, Enterprise, Legacy.

Take a look at stunning video galleries we created

Frequently Asked Questions

Where shall we upload videos?

You can upload them on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Video Gallery extension for Zendesk Guide is estimated separately based on the scope of the project.

How can we purchase it?

You should contact us and tell us about your requirements.

Is it compatible with Zendesk functionality?

Yes, it supports all Zendesk functions.

Is the coding required?

No coding required when you use one of our themes.

Is it compatible with other Zendesk themes?

It is compatible with all themes. However, if you don't use one of our themes, extra costs are involved because it takes time to understand the code and install extensions. For example, some blocks in the code will have to be transferred, changed, etc.

Layouts in our themes already take into account the extension features and make the process faster and easier.

What are the next steps after the purchase?

Our developers will contact you after the purchase to get temporary access to your Help Center (URL, login, and password) and install the extension free of charge.


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Add videos to your Zendesk help center with Video Gallery

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