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Zendesk Guide has the standard Recent Activity option, which displays the latest 6 posts from the Community. This means if the post has just been created, updated, or a comment has been added to it, it will be displayed in the Recent Activity section.

The huge disadvantage of the standard Zendesk Guide’s feature is that if the post is constantly commented on, it will be displayed 6 times. This can’t be changed and posts can’t be displayed based on other criteria.

Lotus Themes created a new script which is called HotPosts Zendesk extension. It allows you to display posts without duplication. Additionally, this Zendesk extension lets you show posts based on the following criteria:
  • recently updated
  • most commented
  • most voted
  • posts with certain statuses (Planned, Completed, etc.)

You can also customize the look of Zendesk’s Recent Activity section.


  • Free installation
  • No coding required
  • Compatible with all Zendesk themes
  • Responsive and Retina-ready
  • Customization service available
  • Zendesk Guide plans: Professional, Legacy; Add-on for Zendesk Support plans: Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise, Elite