Zendesk Guide Add-ons that Improve Functionality

Posted on 22 Apr 2021


Using Zendesk Help Center for customer support and service as it is can be limiting in many ways. It lacks several features that would otherwise enhance interaction between you and your customers. This is where various extensions made specifically for the platform come in handy. Here are some of them to consider.

Side Navigation

Side navigation in article


Side Navigation is already included in Lotus One theme or can be purchased for any other theme. 

The Side Navigation extension helps you to display categories, articles, and sections on the inner pages of your Help Center. It is an attractive addition to Zendesk Guide, as the original design of the platform lacks a side navigation panel.

The extension allows users to navigate the Help Center with ease, whether on full screen or portable devices. Whenever you make changes to the sections, articles, or structure of the Help Center, the extension automatically updates the changes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents in article

Having a table of contents on your Help Center page makes it easy for users to find what they need without much effort. The extension quickly finds headers in your articles and automatically creates a table of contents on the right side of the article. It also highlights each subtopic relevant to each section as the user scrolls the page. This goes a long way in saving time for the users when looking for specific information.


Alert on the help center

The Alerts add-on provides a user-friendly notification area for your Help Center. It is easy to customize to let your users know about crucial announcements, special releases, system outages, among other things. By default, the main pre-installed notifications types are:

  • Warning
  • Danger
  • Info
  • Success
  • They all come with different colors and icons, but you can always choose your unique types.

Formatting Components

Formatting Components for article pages


 Formatting components are already included in all our themes!

The Formatting Components extension allows you to make the content in your Help Center more attractive. This adds convenience and makes the content more legible. The extension entails:

  • Callout blocks that help you emphasize crucial information by using different colors and frames
  • Font Awesome icons that quickly capture the users' attention
  • Tabs and accordions that let you put a lot of content in one place without cluttering the Help Center
  • Video and image styles that let you explore your creativity for a pleasant customer experience
  • Tables
  • Quotes
  • Description lists
  • Code formatting
  • Text styles

How to build a help center capable of reducing tickets?

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Prev Next Buttons Extension

Prev Next Buttons Extension

The Prev Next Buttons extension comes in handy to help you move smoothly from one article to the next. Whether you want to read the next one in the sequence or move back to a previous one, the add-on makes this seamless. Working with the Help Center gets easy and enjoyable, without having to go back to the list of articles to find the next one. The extension is designed for both portable and full screen devices.

Community Hot Posts

Community Hot Posts

The platform has a Recent Activity option, which shows the six most recent posts from the community. The feature is embedded on the Zendesk Guide platform but comes with some limitations. If a post attracts many comments, it will be displayed six times, which can be annoying.

The Hot Posts extension is a script that helps eliminate this duplication. It makes interaction within the community better by showing posts based on:

  • Most commented
  • Recently updated
  • Most voted
  • Certain status like completed, planned, etc.
  • It also allows you to customize how Zendesk’s Recent Activity section looks like.

 Server Status

Server Status on the homepage of the help center

The Server Status extension integrates status.io and statuspage.io through the Zendesk knowledge base. With it, you can avoid having an overwhelming number of support requests during scheduled maintenance or when having an incident. It shows the status of the critical tools that customer service relies on, keeping users updated about maintenance activity. 

You can choose where to display the status notifications on the page. Whether on the top, in the footer, or under the search bar, ensure the users can see them when they visit the Help Center.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery extension

If you want to make the user experience more engaging and memorable, consider having the Video Gallery extension. It lets you showcase the benefits of your services and products. You can also use the feature to demonstrate their use. The extension is compatible with your Help Center in a way that looks clear and neat.

Whether yours is a business-oriented or entertainment website, the use of this extension can enhance user experience and rating, especially on search engines.

Extra level of content

Extra-level of content


This extension is allow you to group categories into an additional fourth layer. The Extra level of content makes your life easier if you have complex content needs like a lot of categories related to different products.
Also it is compatible with Guide Professional.

Multiple Templates for Pages

Your website doesn’t have to look plain. Use the Multiple Theme Templates for pages on Guide Professional. You will achieve different appearance effects on article pages, categories, and sections on your Zendesk Help Center. It saves you time by allowing you to use a single template for all categories, sections, or articles.

Final Thoughts

At Lotus Themes, we are all about helping you improve your Zendesk Guide performance. We have designed several extensions that make your Zendesk platform look attractive and easy to use. Reach out to us for user-friendly themes, extensions, and customization services and transform your Zendesk platform into something your customers will like.

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How to build a help center capable of reducing tickets?
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