How To Write A Perfect Zendesk Knowledge Base Article

Posted on 12 Feb 2017

Perfect Zendesk Knowledge Base article

Asking queries or doubts freely doesn’t come naturally to humans. The use of search engines to search for information online has become second nature to users. This self-service trend highlights the importance and effectiveness of a good knowledge base for any company or business.

A well-maintained knowledge base can prove to be useful to both your support agents and your customers as well. They can simply browse through the knowledge base and get the information they need or resolve any query they have, without actually interacting with someone.An effective knowledge base can help your customers to turn pro very quickly.

Big names such as Google have harnessed the power of a good knowledge base and have found it an effective tool to resolve customer issues effectively.Your business too can benefit and take advantage of a good knowledge base.However, the success of a good knowledge base directly depends on how good the knowledge base articles are.

Over time we have found some ways/methods on how to write the perfect knowledge base articles. So, stay tuned for some effective tips. Get the best out of your knowledge base.


Step 1: Decide The Topics To Write On

If you have just setup a new knowledge base for your business, you may be wondering, “Where do I start?” Remember, the primary goal of a knowledge base, and by extension, a knowledge base article is to help your customer get something done on your website or your product/service. So you can start with the FAQs.


Think about the queries that you customer would have regarding your product or service when they first visit your website. You could also check support tickets on your Help Center to identify the issues that your customers are often facing. Additionally, you can use the Google Analytics tool to see what your users are searching for on your site. These will help you identify the topics to write on or questions to answer in the FAQs.

Help Center: A Good Source

To help you further with this, Zendesk allows your support agents to flag tickets to indicate that the Knowledge base needs to be updated (either a new article or update an old one) to provide a solution to the issue on hand. A workflow can be created to smoothly implement this, and thus the knowledge base can be kept up to date.


Step 2: Write An Effective Article

When you begin an article, think like your users. Users need solutions that are simple to understand. When they visit the article, they should get the gist of it at first glance.

Structure And Templates

So follow these pointers to write a user-friendly knowledge base article:

  1. Use effective titles and subheadings. The title could also be a question.
  2. Have a nice workflow with an effective introduction and conclusion. Use bullet points, steps or tables that users can follow to resolve the issue.
  3. Use pictures and videos to make the content more interesting. A good video can simplify things for not so tech savvy users.
  4. Cater to the needs of users of different levels. So use simple words and explain difficult jargon. Keep it as simple as possible.

To implement these standards effectively, you can use the template feature in Zendesk. You can design template structures for different types of articles such as FAQs, How-Tos, Q&A and List articles.

Keywords And Tags

Use keywords and tag the article wisely for search engines. This will help you effectively serve the searches that users perform on your site or in search engines.

Interlink Articles

Another effective technique that you could follow is interlinking the articles in your knowledge base. Think about the possible questions that your users will have after reading the article and provide the answers right away by linking the appropriate article/s. For example, if your article is about a particular functionality or feature in your product then you can link the article to your product pricing page to show how they can benefit from and use the already discussed feature.


Step 3: Improve The Article Over Time

Article Comments

Activate article comments to discern how effective and useful the knowledgebase article is to your users. Users can share additional information and feedback here. You can use this information to update and improve the article over time.

Support Tickets

Keep a watch on a number of support tickets on the particular subject. If it has reduced, then the knowledge base article is certainly being helpful. Also, if the support agents are using the article to resolve support tickets, then the article is good. If there are any additional queries related to the subject, then the knowledge base article can be updated and perfected.

It is the combined effort of support agents and users’ feedback that can help perfect your knowledge base articles.



Perfect knowledge base articles mean perfect knowledge base, and a perfect knowledge base results in happy and satisfied customers. However, as discussed earlier, this doesn’t happen overnight. So follow the aforementioned tips and methods and effectively use Zendesk and the features it has to offer to create the perfect knowledge base articles.

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