Lotus Themes’ contribution to Zendesk Guide Users for 2018

Posted on 28 Feb 2018


Over 400 new & happy customers

We have finalized the list of improvements for Zendesk that were developed by Lotus Themes in 2017 and are glad to present them to the masses! Let’s start with the most valuable news related to over 400 new customers that installed Zendesk Guide themes and ordered custom design, Zendesk email branding and extensions.

Among this rich list of new companies, there are such big players on the global arena as UNICEF, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter, a large freelancer’s base – Upwork, Cebu Pacific travel fare aggregator, Etsy – a global marketplace for unique and creative goods, Play Battle Grounds video games, Runtastic health and fitness app and dozens of others.

New, astonishing Zendesk Guide themes

There are 4 complementary Zendesk Guide themes in the collection, every detail of which has been fine-tuned and polished meticulously. All of them are available in demo mode.

  • Mink – very modern Zendesk theme with a wave pattern and generally minimalistic design. Its navigation is intuitive and simple as it was tested numerous times to create the best user experience. The theme is available in 3 style options.
  • Iowa – featured for its pastel color scheme and cool, airy design in every element. Owing to its functionality, easy navigation and smooth animations along with the parallax effect in the search header, this theme has already found admirers. 
  • Delta – this Zendesk Guide theme is focused on help centers with many texts, tutorials and articles as its main advantage is the highest level of readability without causing eye strain. The placement of content blocks with attractive icons was thought through for very resourceful and informative portals.
  • Hudson – a pretty playful Zendesk theme that is fun to use. It looks and feels refreshing and easy. At the same time, it offers a convenient accordion menu in sections to help your users find everything they need very quickly.

Our Zendesk Guide themes are not limited by colors, additional features or anything at all because they can be easily customized and branded. You can always do it yourself or let our team work on your Zendesk custom design, branding and additional useful Zendesk extensions. The latter service we’ve added in 2017 due to a big demand for individual options.

Zendesk extensions make your help center more functional

In order to provide the websites a greater freedom to personalize their self-help portals, we’ve come up with additional elements that can be integrated into Zendesk themes.

  • Side Navigation – this addition will help you keep categories, sections and articles organized and structured by displaying them on the inner pages of your portal.
  • Alerts – this Zendesk extension will notify your users about important news, such as your system outages, new releases, and announcements.
  • Table of Contents – this is a very useful extension for informative help centers, which is made in the form of automatic script, which finds titles in articles and generates a table of contents on the right side of the article.
  • Prev / Next Buttons – convenient buttons that are placed at the end of articles and allow you to skip back and forth between them.
  • Hot Posts – this Zendesk extension features certain community posts and displays them without duplication. The selection of such posts can be adjusted by different criteria (e.g. recently updated, most commented or voted and more).
  • Formatting Components include such things as tabs and accordions, video and image styles, quotes, tabs and many more elements that can make even a boring piece of content a lot more attractive and easy to read! Also, this extension is already included with all templates developed by Lotus Themes.
  • Badges– color your users’ experience with entertaining badges by adding them to your community forums. You can welcome newbies, reward users for their activities and encourage them to be more engaged.

Professional Zendesk email branding increases open rates

This is another Zendesk custom design service that was developed by our team in 2017, which has already shown fruitful and effective results. Zendesk email branding can magically transform your emails by developing your corporate template, which will include not only a logo and suitable colors but also an attractive header and footer with quick links to your social media pages and other useful information.

Generally speaking, our experts will make your emails look like a professional page of your website. All features combined will inevitably increase your open rates and customer engagement as a result.

Quality over quantity

Don’t count the things you do. Do the things that count.

Zig Ziglar

Being the only authorized Zendesk solution provider of customization and branding services, Lotus Themes aims to provide quality over quantity and nothing else but quality!

The wide range of Zendesk Guide services can be implemented into reality like in your best dreams where you imagined a perfect help center that doesn’t only address all users’ needs but also predicts their next steps ahead. Furthermore, owing to our high quality code, our Zendesk themes can be easily maintained, edited and changed to help you save money on maintenance expenses.

As a result, your Zendesk help center and branded emails will exceed your users’ expectations and make their experience enjoyable!

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