Zendesk Help Center Branding

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Create a seamless user experience with the branded Zendesk help center that is consistent with your main website. The same colors, logo, fonts, and icons make your customers trust your company.

Compare branding and customization services

  Branding Customization
Changing logo
Changing colors
Changing fonts
Changing icons
Changing the background image
Layout changes
Making the header and footer as on corporate site
Other customizations
3-month support *
Price $249 from $80

* After 3 months you can enjoy extended support and additional benefits with one of our Protection Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to purchase the branding service?
If you prefer to make basic branding changes to the theme on your own, you don’t have to purchase it. However, if you want to save time and get a thoughtful, meticulous design with the focus on detail, you should buy the professional branding service from Lotus Themes.
What is included?
The offer includes basic changes of a purchased template such as the logo, colors, fonts, etc. It doesn’t cover any other modifications, like layout customization. For instance, we can’t add new elements to the theme within the branding service, you should order Customization for this.
How is Branding different from Customization?

Branding includes only basic changes to your theme to make your help center look in line with your brand and main website. These are:

  • logo;
  • colors;
  • fonts;
  • icons;
  • background image;
  • homepage layout.

Customization covers all other modifications to create a tailor-made help center that meets all your unique requirements in design and functionality.

What are the next steps after the purchase?
After the purchase, you’ll need to provide us with the colors, fonts, and images that you want to use. If you have a brand style guide, we can use it, or we can take colors and images from your main site
How long does it take?
Zendesk branding takes around 1–5 working days.
Can we review changes before publishing?
We’ll create a demo Help Center where you’ll be able to check all the changes. Also, it’s possible to install a theme without publishing. So you can check it in the preview mode with your content.
How can we install the branded theme?
Once the theme is branded, we will send a zip file with it that you can import in the dashboard. Also, we can install the branded theme on your Zendesk Guide Help Center free of charge. In this case, we will need temporary access with admin permissions to your help center.
Can we purchase branding later?
You can buy it whenever you want as a separate order.
What shall we do if we need more changes?
If you need something more custom, here is the Zendesk customization service for it.

Examples of branding we made

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Get your Zendesk help center branded

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