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  • Immediate access
  • Responsive and Retina-ready
  • Zendesk Guide plans: Lite, Professional, Legacy;
    Add-on for Zendesk Support plans: Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise, Elite
  • Modern browsers compatible
  • Full compatibility with Zendesk
  • Support multiple languages
  • Font Awesome included
  • Additional components included
  • Free installation available
  • Customization service available

This theme is not compatible with Zendesk colors and fonts variables

Delta Default Title

About the theme

Delta is a Zendesk theme that is created for easy reading on your help center and that works great with documentation. It's perfect for tutorials or step-by-step articles and guides.

The page layouts have clean and intuitive design. Delta theme for Zendesk features vertical navigation for categories, sections, and articles in the left sidebar, whereas all the content is on the right side. This placement of the content blocks and navigation allows your help center to present all its content upfront. Delta was inspired by API docs. It is responsive, so it looks great on desktop, tablet, and phone.

When you scroll an article, the side navigation always stays on the screen. Additionally, there is no need to click a link to the next article, as it loads automatically once you reach the end of the current one.

If you need a different color scheme, you can order our Branding service.

responsive Delta Default Title

Beautiful article, community and other pages

All the pages are redesigned to provide great user experience

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Zendesk Theme Delta  desktop Article


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Zendesk Theme Delta  desktop Community


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Search Results

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