• Selway theme
  • Icons for categories on the homepage
  • Sections as links in the sidebar on the category and section page
  • Table of contents on the right side of the article

Firstkey Homes

Branded Selway theme
Branded customer’s theme

Hims / Hers

  • Flatrock theme
  • Homepage with a custom layout and images for categories
  • Category page with the side navigation extension displays all categories of the help center.
  • Clean and minimalistic design of the article page.
  • Customized “Submit a request” page displays a list of articles relevant to the selected question. When opening the “Submit a request” page, the user sees only the “Issue/Question” dropdown. Each question in the dropdown is tied to certain articles by labels. After choosing a question, a list of related articles and the “Contact us” button are displayed.
  • Branded Selway theme
  • Side navigation and Table of contents
  • Alerts for important notifications
  • Prev / Next buttons
  • Server status and Contacts widget

Study Smarter

Branded Lotus One theme
Branded Conway theme
  • Mink theme
  • Homepage with a custom layout and images for categories. We added the Helpful Articles and Interesting Articles blocks that display article lists filtered by specific labels. Also, there is an additional option to filter articles by votes and the creation date.
  • Category page uses the side navigation extension displays all categories of the help center.
  • Article page has a custom logic for displaying related articles based on the “related” label.
Branded Hudson theme
Branded Lotus One theme
  • Lotus One theme
  • Table of contents on the right side of the article
  • Alerts display important messages to customers
  • Section list as an accordion on the category page
  • Custom form for feedback on article pages
Branded Lotus One theme


Branded Selway theme
Branded Braden theme
  • Braden theme
  • Homepage with a custom layout and images for categories, and additional helpful blocks for external links
  • Custom script displays a list of articles with the “popular” label below the search field.
  • “What's new” block displays articles from a certain section.
  • Category page displays section names with icons.
  • Article page uses the side navigation and table of contents extensions.
Branded Hudson theme
Branded Flatrock theme


  • Flatrock theme
  • Header and footer were copied from the main website.
  • Customized large search area for the home and inner pages
  • Homepage with a custom layout has icons for categories and additional blocks.
Branded Braden theme
Branded Leaf theme

HomeKey Systems

Branded Selway theme
Branded Flatrock theme

Dead By Daylight

Branded customer’s theme
Branded Conway theme


Branded Hudson theme


Branded Flatrock theme
Branded Selway theme

Coastal Business


Branded Conway theme
Branded Lotus One theme
Branded Hudson theme
  • Flatrock theme
  • Alerts extension displays important messages to customers.
  • Homepage with a custom layout has icons for categories and displays links to sections for each category block.
  • Sections on the category page are displayed as accordions.
  • Customized article page has a clean and simple design. It also displays a list of categories at the bottom of the page.
Branded Lotus One theme



Branded Iowa theme


  • Braden theme
  • Custom footer
  • Customized homepage with additional blocks
  • Customized Formatting components
  • Article page uses the Table of contents extension.
  • Horizontal navigation displays categories and sections on inner pages.
  • Icons for sections are displayed on a category page.
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