What is Zendesk in 2024, and why is it good for your business?


What is Zendesk, and what it used for? It is a cloud-based customer service platform that is designed to improve communication between the company and its customers. 

When we decide what customer support platform to choose, we all get a bit biased: the bigger the company is, the more pricey it becomes (we remember cases when the prices for similar tools grew several-fold).

Luckily, that’s not the case here. Whether you want to give your support extra capacities or save money on a subscription without losing functionality, we’ll show you how to nail both cases.

How does Zendesk help you out?

Zendesk aims to help support, sales, and customer success teams engage with their customers better. This means that you can pay for fewer tools and keep all your customer data in one place.

Let’s get down to the cases when you need Zendesk products.


1. Zendesk Support. Track, prioritize, and solve customer tickets.

Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support gathers all your interactions with customers in one place, allowing you to create a seamless and productive workflow. Your customer will have the same excellent experience no matter what channel they use to contact you: email; public social media like Facebook; or social messaging like WhatsApp, Wechat, Twitter Direct, etc. 


2. Zendesk Help Center. Improve self-service and empower agents.

Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk Help Center, also known as Guide, is a smart knowledge base that allows you to create self-service and empower your agents. Help Center gathers and organizes frequently asked questions, product features, and everything your customers ask about. It is perfect to combine with Zendesk Support, which speeds up your team’s work even more. 

Also you can read about companies that use Zendesk Help Center.


3. Zendesk Chat. Reach your customers instantly wherever they are.

Zendesk Live Chat

Live chat is an essential tool to provide quick help and create a personal connection with customers. Zendesk Chat allows you to address the customer's questions faster via the web, mobile, and messaging without interrupting their experience.


4. Zendesk Talk. Talk to customers.

Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk is an integrated voice solution. Your agent will be able to pick up the conversation directly from Zendesk or set up an integration with the software of your choice. Talk is a cloud-based telephony solution, so you won’t need extra hardware and a tech team to set it up.


5. Zendesk Explore. Measure and improve customer experience.

Zendesk Explore

Zendesk Explore is a tool for analytics and reporting. It helps you collect, measure, and improve the entire customer experience. You get clear reports for colleagues generated automatically: the topics your customers ask about most, how successfully AI is solving tickets, and many more.


6. Zendesk Gather. Help customers to connect and collaborate.

Zendesk Gather

Zendesk Gather is software for community forums. Gather creates a space where your customers can talk, share ideas, request features, and help each other instead of your support team constantly helping them.

The best part of Gather is that you can loop in an agent if the question is difficult and requires your team’s attention. 


7. Zendesk Sell. Enhance the productivity of sales teams.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a CRM that enhances the processes, productivity, and pipeline visibility of your sales team. Sell stores the full context of a customer account, which cuts down the number of actions your reps would do without it.


8. Zendesk Sunshine. Connect your platforms to Zendesk and customize it.

Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk Sunshine is a modern and pliable customer relationship management (CRM) platform native to AWS. Zendesk Sunshine gives shareholders of a given company the privilege to integrate their data sources into CRM data.

The connection between their data sources with that of customer relationship management assists the organization's stakeholders monitor their performance.

As a result, the assessment puts them in a good position to improve their productivity with time. Moreover, the platform helps organizations put together their clients' data to view their clients completely. 

How to build a help center capable of reducing tickets?

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How to choose Zendesk products?

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or an enterprise-level business, you can easily combine these products to get closer to your customers and increase revenue.

For example, the fast-growing startup Instacart uses Guide & Support to customize support and self-service to serve both customers and employees:

startup that use zendesk


And Mailchimp uses Zendesk Chat, Explore and Support to listen to their customers better:

company that use zendesk


Bigger companies require complex solutions. That’s why Stanley Black and Decker uses a broader pool of Zendesk products to provide global support across multiple channels, easily customized:

company that use zendesk


Other Zendesk customers include:



Whatever customer issue you’re trying to solve, Zendesk has a solution. In case you need more flexibility or have your favorite tools you can’t live without, Zendesk offers you over 1000 apps and integrations. Just pick the ones that work for your team. 


How much does Zendesk cost?

Zendesk provides different pricing options for different company sizes and budgets, which makes it appealing for both startups and enterprises. 

Foundational Support Plans (only ticket system)

Zendesk Suite Plans (all products included)

Zendesk for Sales Plans


What else can you get from Zendesk?

Still hesitant about Zendesk?

Here’s the best part: no other support software can offer you as many customization options, as much flexibility, and the same number of native apps as Zendesk does. And it works even if you’re not tech-savvy. 

Zendesk has a pool of certified providers that will give you a hand with any sort of integration and customization. For example, you can pick a ready-made help center template from Lotus Themes and adjust it the way it works for your brand. Or you can request a custom-made help center that suits your requirements.

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How to build a help center capable of reducing tickets?
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