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Top 10 Companies That Use Zendesk Help Center

Posted on 25 Jun 2021

Zendesk Help Center is a customer self-service solution that enables an organization effortlessly reduce support ticket volumes. Top companies that use it appreciate the value of seamless customer service, save customer support costs, improve staff productivity, and transform the sales experience. That said, it is important to invest in professional-looking and well-organized help centers.

Here’s the list of top-10 companies that have transformed their customer service using the Zendesk Help Center.

1. Dropbox

dropbox help center

Dropbox Help Center has a unique design that merges doodle art and an intelligent color combination; for instance, it utilizes sky blue and maroon colors to distinctively highlight video tutorials. The design has also perfectly utilized text boxes, listicles, screenshots, and quick links to highlight key resources.

2. Etsy

etsy help center

Etsy Help Center has a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-navigate design. The theme has quick links to shopping and selling resources. The help center is also systematically arranged from a wild search, clear intent, to end with a link to the contact.

3. Nokia WiFi Help Center

nokia help center

Nokia WiFi Help Center is one of the simplest, relatable, and information-packed designs. The help center is a replica of the product’s brand colors, making it outstanding. The design capitalizes on an accordion menu that links to a host of topics-related initial links.

4. League of Legends

League of Legends help center

The first screen of League of Legends Help Center has spectacular graphics that takes a diagonal twist to make it unique. The design has also incorporated different colors with prominent helpful and interesting articles in the bold black background. Neat icons attract users’ attention and help them find the information they’re searching for quickly and easily.

5. Kickstarter Support

kickstarter help center

The Kickstarter Help Center is a classic example of a straightforward design. The design is subdivided into four sections that include basics, backer, creator, and resources. In addition, each section has a subsection with a list of questions that answer common issues facing customers.

6. Buffer Help Center

buffer help center

The Buffer Help Center is segregated into unique and virtually impressive menu boxes. The menu boxes have links that usher you in several subsections with a listicle of resources.

7. Zoom Help Center

zoom help center

Zoom Help Center has borrowed heavily on its functionality by including video tutorials. The explanatory videos make the help center unique from the regular how-to-do articles. It also has a quick start guide that gives links to a host of FAQs and top-20 Zoom resources.

8. Ultimate Ears Help Center

ultimate ears help center

Ultimate Ears by Logitech takes a visual perspective in providing links of solutions to common problems. In addition, the company uses image icons to provide information about the products and concurrently solve customer issues. The theme has guides presented in blocks, e.g., fit, tech, and order sections.

9. Marvel App Help Center

marvel help center

Marvel App Help Center takes a different approach by including three quick links immediately below the search bar. Each link directs a website visitor to different resources that include videos and answers to leading questions.

10. Along Help Center

along help center

Along, a project supported by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, uses a combination of accordion menus and computer doodle art to display links to a solution in their help center. The combination compresses the help center into a search bar, links to company resources, and popular topics.

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