Competitive advantages of Zendesk Guide for your business

Posted on 31 May 2018



What Zendesk Guide really is

Zendesk Guide creates a mutually beneficial environment for both customers and help service agents. The former are provided with a super easy and complete self-service support option and the latter can accommodate more tickets in a shorter period of time. As a result, you will be able to lessen the workload of your staff and increase users’ satisfaction.

With Zendesk Guide you can create a help center that contains the following:

  • A smart knowledge base, allowing publishing of new content in minutes;
  • A community for extended customer collaboration and experience exchange;
  • A customer portal where users submit tickets and may even manage their tickets in some Zendesk plans;
  • A branded support center, which looks and feels exactly like your main website.

    A Zendesk help center creates a single organism of content, which collects and unites the information from your resources. It can also recommend relevant articles to your users.

    Real advantages for your business

    Real help and savings

    An astonishing number of companies (96%) improved ticket deflection after implementing Zendesk Guide and helped their agents to focus on the most difficult tickets only.


    As a result, according to a Gartner report called Knowledge Management Will Transform CRM Customer Service, integrating a help center reduces support costs by 25% or even more.

    Increasing customer satisfaction

    While the costs go down and your agents have time to address more difficult tickets faster than ever before, the customer satisfaction goes up. The Gartner report has emphasized this point as well.

    Also, a smart answer bot can take a big chunk of inquiries and address them without losing valuable customer satisfaction. A Zendesk answer bot learns from the previous experience and with every new ticket solved and, as a result, offers more relevant articles to the customers while they are waiting for an agent.

    Improved self-service

    A TechValidate survey showed that the most noticeable and sizable result after integration with Zendesk Guide was an increased number of customers who found what they needed on their own without involving their staff. 36% of companies that implemented the Guide pointed out this improvement.


    Set up with the speed of a sky rocket

    When you think of a new service that needs to be integrated into your existing system, you probably perceive it as something alien until you learn it and get used to it. And there’s a common perception that it should take a couple of weeks.

    Zendesk Guide breaks all these common prejudices and proves to you in numbers that it is possible to set up your Zendesk help center in just ONE day! Yes, you heard it right.

    Generally speaking, more than 50% of companies have successfully launched Zendesk Guide in less than 6 days (it’s not even a week!).


    As another survey showed, 82% of Zendesk Guide customers agreed that setting up a knowledge base can be done very quickly and effortlessly.


    What really differentiates a Zendesk help center is its functional versatility. Your agents can create a new article in a matter of clicks while they address regular tickets.

    The tools provided by Zendesk Guide will help you spot any content that needs to be highlighted, revised or added to.

    Maintain your brand identity with Zendesk help center branding

    Zendesk customers also appreciate the possibility to make their Guide look and feel like an extension of their main website.

    Zendesk help center branding allows you to customize the elements of your Zendesk Guide in accordance with your customers’ needs and your business niche specialty. You can either do branding by yourself or order a professional service from an authorized Zendesk solution provider.

    If you don’t want awkward situations to happen when a customer seeking help ends up in a help center that looks like a different source, if you want to get your brand into your customers’ heads and make the most professional impression on them possible, then Zendesk help center branding is a must.

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