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Why Zendesk help centers are the best of the best?

Posted on 28 Dec 06:00 pm


Have you ever wondered why Zendesk help centers are so popular and unique? Why do they always win as opposed to many other similar services?

Let’s dig into this question!

Horror VS dream stories

Today, you will never know what channel the customer will choose to get in touch with you – either it will be 1 out of 6 social media pages, emails, live chats, or others. Your job is to be readily accessible to their requests and your sincere wish behind is to stay unstressed. Without the right tools, you might very well feel like an octopus with 6-7 legs moving simultaneously and it will be hard to stay calm under bombardment of customers’ messages from different angles.

And now, after you’ve imagined this horror picture, imagine that you have all channels and all incoming inquiries on one page of the Zendesk help center. You can identify and handle the most urgent ones first and you can prioritize them and answer in just one window on your computer. Although, the octopus is not to blame, but there must be an end for the way things are.

Furthermore, today we have certain channels that are used by a majority of people, but tomorrow they might change. Zendesk help desk is ready for any novelties resulting from its flexibility.

An all-inclusive package

Zendesk help center offers an all-inclusive package for perfect customer support.

Away, too many people like finding answers to questions on their own and dig into the depth of forums or knowledge bases. Some of the reasons – they don’t like waiting for response and they like hearing information from peers on forums.  

So, what’s in the package?

Featured Zendesk apps and extensions

Furthermore, possibilities to include a smart bot and a Zendesk live chat are additional non-resistible benefits for your business website.

The Answer bot can considerably reduce workload of your staff by giving valuable recommendations to the users. Owing to its artificial intelligence, it can automatically resolve frequent inquiries by suggesting the relevant articles from the knowledge base. Hence, it’s a real compliment to the existing Zendesk Guide.

Customer service with a speed of a rocket

Develop your own Apps!

Even though Zendesk Guide together with extensions and apps can provide an excellent service, still, you can develop your own app that will comply with your individual preferences and future demand. Hence, the Zendesk help center allows you to stay 500% up-to-date with the current trends and integrate your own applications.

Mobile-friendly support

There's more, to offer still. Zendesk help center is 100% mobile friendly and compatible with Retina displays. When you download your Zendesk theme to your help center, ensure it’s responsive and Retina-ready.

Improve performance of your help center by downloading Zendesk theme!

In order to use your Zendesk help center and Zendesk Guide to 100% of its potential and make them work for your business, you can also use custom layout designs which will boost the performance to a high level.

It’s recommended to download a Zendesk theme from the official Zendesk partner to enable full compatibility with all Zendesk features. You can also get a branded and customized layout if you are not willing to spend hours or days of your team’s time to make all the necessary changes. Besides, you can order email branding and incorporate additional Zendesk extensions into the categories and articles of Zendesk Guide.

It's time to get your ideal help center!

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