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Understanding Zendesk Guide

Posted on 13 Jan 2021


A comprehensive online help center is essential for both new and established companies to develop an effective self-service support system. A knowledge base containing content like FAQs, product information, and relevant articles will bridge the gap between agents and the customers, helping to streamline your business operations. This lowers support volume and contributes directly to freeing up labor, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

With Zendesk Guide's self-service solutions, companies can divert valuable resources away from ticket management, focusing instead on growth and optimizing customer experiences. Take some time to review its many useful features and how it can help you build a more sophisticated knowledge base for your business.

Centralized Help Center

With Zendesk Guide, all of your content is well-structured and located in one place, making it easier for your customers and support team to find the information they need. You can create informative articles with controlled access for agents, customers, or both. Zendesk help center allows you to develop a customer portal to manage support requests and automatically direct customers to the information they need.


We love the help center in Zendesk Guide because it’s easy to use. We get some great analytics out of it in terms of which articles are being used the most. It helps us to make adjustments and see what’s helping our users.

Gerald Hastie, Direct of Global Customer Experience at Evernote

Completely Customizable


Create an all-inclusive help center with Zendesk Guide that’s completely customizable to accommodate your unique requirements. Choose from a wide variety of custom Zendesk themes to create a truly unique, brand-specific resource center for agents and customers. Web developers can easily make adjustments to CSS and HTML according to their tastes. If you are short of time and resources, you can hire Lotus Themes, a Zendesk Partner that offers myriad themes and provides different services to make your help center unique and super easy to use.

You can use embeddables to reach customers on iOS and Android devices, broadening the reach of your client support to meet customers wherever they are. With Lotus Themes, you can also get a ready-made Zendesk template that is already optimized for mobile devices.

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Collaborative Content Creation

Zendesk Guide makes it possible to develop a comprehensive, shared help center to better serve agents and customers. Features like Knowledge Capture app allows for instantaneous team collaboration on content. Create live notes on materials or flag issues on an article for future editing. Artificial intelligence is employed to automatically suggest relevant knowledge base materials for easy attachment to customer tickets.


The Knowledge Capture app allows us to create articles easily and the team can collaborate, refine content, and provide feedback on articles directly within the app itself.

Justin Fenech, Customer Service Expert at Electronic Arts

Better Self-Service with Answer Bot


Zendesk Guide gives companies flexibility and versatility in the way they deliver information to their customers. It simplifies self-service efficiency with features like Answer Bot, a sophisticated artificial intelligence that automatically searches available knowledge base materials for relevant information. With such tools, customers can get access to the information they need with virtually no agent assistance. When integrated with a web widget and mobile SDK support, Answer Bot, and other automated features can be easily embedded onto any computer or mobile device.


We really like Answer Bot. It’s easy to configure and does a great job measuring the number of tickets it deflects. Even better, customers don’t find Answer Bot intrusive to their borrower experience.

Andrew Jensen, Director of Payment Solutions at Lending Club

Automated Workflows

Schedule and automate the release of informative articles with relevant content cues. AI will flag the best performing content or locate materials that may need improvement. Relevant titles and tags are generated automatically to better organize and index the information.

Cost Savings

With Zendesk Guide, self-service solutions are drastically improved, which frees up valuable resources. SEO optimized help center content and in-ticket article recommendations ensure the most relevant information is suggested to agents and customers. The increased number of self-service customer resolutions will allow you to focus on other aspects of your company.


After implementing Zendesk Guide, the team quickly reaped the benefits, including deflections that dropped the number of emails from more than 350 a day to a very manageable 150.

Daniel Santrella, Direct of Customer Engagement at Reverb


Zendesk Guide combines all the vital aspects of an effective self-service strategy, resulting in more organized work-flow processes, better collaboration, and improved customer relations. The time and resources spent on ticket support can be significantly reduced, freeing up capital and labor for your business's growth. 

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