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5 Must-See Zendesk Customizations That Will Inspire You

Posted on 29 Jun 05:19 pm

Why build a Zendesk help center from scratch when you can see how other brands have customized theirs, and replicate best ideas.

These five examples demonstrate how to enhance functionality and infuse creativity into every part of your help center to drive customer engagement and satisfaction.

1. Amcrest

Amcrest’s Zendesk help center retains the look and feel of their main site. They achieved this by removing the category tree and adding custom blocks with product groups. Their customers can easily find helpful information about specific products in a couple of clicks.


2. Bulb

To make navigation easier, categories on Bulb’s Zendesk help center appear as tabs. This helps show lists of articles without cluttering up the knowledge base and minimize unnecessary clicks.



3. Allbirds

Allbirds' Zendesk customization features an airy and elegant appearance with an animated header that captures attention.



4. Package From Santa

Package From Santa uses another way to display a large amount of content. The category tree presents an accordion which allows users to toggle between hiding and showing the articles. This Zendesk customization also features integration of the interactive troubleshooter in the 'Elf self-help' block on the main page.



5. The Tech Lounge

The Tech Lounge's customization features a bright and creative Zendesk help center that feels playful and is really fun to use exactly as their main website.



How to make the most out of your Zendesk customization

All these Zendesk customizations were made by Lotus Themes, an authorized Zendesk solution provider. If you want to know more about ways to make the most out of your help center, fill out a 1-minute brief and get insights from Zendesk experts free of charge.

It's time to get your ideal help center!

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