Tracking Help Center Metrics effectively

Posted on 20 Nov 2016

Your help center can be a powerful tool in your hands if you know how to extract the essence of all activity on it and use it to your organization’s benefit. Analyzing activity data such as searches, comments, subscriptions, requests, and responses will help you fine tune your services, plan your business strategy and improve the quality of service.

Advantages Of Tracking Help Center Metrics

Having a close watch on user experience and your team’s current performance will help you make adjustments to improve performance and serve your customers better. Keeping up to date with what’s happening in your help center gives you control over how you plan for the future, and can even help your teams be more proactive in their service. In a nutshell, using Zendesk’s analytics tools helps you use data to get close to your customers and to measure and improve your service levels.

Which Metrics Do You Track?

Tracking data involves strategy so that you use targeted information to get precise results. Commonly searched-for metrics involves analyzing what customers are searching for, which articles are voted on or which articles have the most comments. Additionally, you may wish to check moderator or agent activity, top contributors to the community and the number of posts created in the community each day. The exact metrics you track, though, depends on your organization’s objectives and how deep into each set of metrics you plan to go.

You may choose to monitor the basics, and monitor the number of new articles created, total views, votes, comments and subscriptions. Zendesk’s Reporting dashboard lets you filter and view data for your knowledge base and community for each of these metrics. This gives you insight into what questions your customers are most interested in. As a result, you can monitor unanswered questions, create tickets, update popular articles with the latest information and measure how effective your knowledge base’s content is. The Agent Leaderboard helps your keep track of agent metrics such as ticket assign time, first reply time and requester wait time. This lets you improve agent turnaround time, improve resolutions and increase customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to get more advanced information about your help center activity, Zendesk analytics lets you break down your metrics further. For example, you can analyze tickets per shift or per group and the number of replies, and keep track of how busy your agents are at particular times. Filtering out the number of tickets solved and a number of new tickets raised within a time period lets you determine how best to use your agents. Additionally, you can keep track of your most active customers and offer some extra help. A courtesy call will get them excited, and they can provide valuable feedback that will help you improve your service levels.

Creating And Using Reports

Having figured out the required metrics, you can either use Zendesk's analytics on its own or use an additional reporting tool such as Google Analytics to extract data. Most analytical tools, such as the integrated system, give you visual hints to guide you in report creation. While manual report generation aids periodic analysis, you can also use a Zendesk dashboard to integrate all your key data and get real-time statistics that can help you take on-the-spot decisions.

Fine Tune Your Reports With Lotus Themes

Make reporting simpler with our pre-built, highly customizable templates at Lotus Themes. Extracting core metrics and integrating statistics into your dashboard is made simple with our additional help center components. Get in touch with us, and we will help you simplify your help center customization and report generation.

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