How to make Zendesk emails work for your brand


Before you make any assumptions about how important and necessary email branding really is for the Zendesk support ticket system, imagine the following situation. When a business meeting begins, you just tear a piece of paper from your notepad, scribble your name, title, telephone number, email address and a corporate website, and then you hand it over to your business partner with a smile on your face (as if it’s a normal thing that you do every single time). What will your partner think of you and your business after that? It’s probably better not to think about what thoughts have probably run through your partner’s head.

Now, imagine that this is more or less the first impression that you give your customers after sending a simple Zendesk support email.

It will inevitably portray an absence of corporate style and could cause immediate judgements of low-value. 

Consistency is found in that work whose

whole and detail are suitable to the occasion.

It arises from circumstance, custom and nature.

Vitruvius, a Roman author

Emails are an important part of your business and a great communication tool. They represent your company, leave long lasting impressions and also build trust, if they are professional-looking and responsive. By analyzing the main topic of emails, we can see how they can work for you or against you.

  1. First impressions. We’ve already talked about this. Remember that desperate piece of paper? Good. Keep that example in mind.
  2. Brand awareness. Every single time you include a brand from your company, you implant a small piece of data in your customers’ brains. It will soon become recognizeable and email branding is therefore highly important! This will also affect email open rates and CTR by the end of the day.
  3. Better company image. Even if you run a family business, creating branded Zendesk email templates will portray a corporate vibe. This will also help you build trust, as people tend to trust that bigger companies have more experience and a stronger reputation.
  4. Build credibility and reliability. People feel psychologically more secure when they communicate with a company that has a corporate email address and style versus somebody writing from 

These simple and invaluable feelings and impressions that you can achieve with a little effort. This is exactly the case where Pareto’s rule of 80/20 works 100%, 20% of your efforts are equal to 80% of the results!

What’s in the Zendesk email branding package

So now, the time has come to explore what you can really do. Let’s see examples of Zendesk email formatting.

  1. A company logo will make your Zendesk email stand out among hundreds. The icon will allow the receiver to recognize your brand in seconds and, as a result, the recipient is more likely to open your email. 
  1. Email content refers to the second impression, therefore Zendesk email formatting options include brand colors, fonts, background, and custom designs for headers and footers. Think about how thoroughly you design all the details of a business card for a second, from paper quality to fonts, colors and template. Why? Because it’s your best sales rep. Zendesk email templates aren’t any different.

Hint: including a mission statement, tagline, and attractive motto for your company is a great idea! 

  1. External links lead your customer anywhere you want. These are like doors to new sales opportunities for your business. It’s important to think about which links to your website, store, or social media you want to include. However, thinking in terms of professional Zendesk email formatting, they should look attractive enough to click on, and not spammy.

    It’s clear that all these steps are aimed at improving your brand image in the eyes of your target audience, and are easy to implement.

    If you’re ready to find people who are not just superior designers, but also experts in Zendesk architecture, who can develop your corporate Zendesk email templates for any occasion, and provide valuable recommendations, consider the Zendesk email branding service provided by Lotus Themes.

    Remember, consistency in all aspects is part of success. Brand management and email marketing are closely related. 

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