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The Importance of Customizing Your Zendesk Help Center

Posted on 17 Jun 06:38 PM

Good customer service has always been the key to any successful business, but in today’s faceless digital marketplace, where communications can seem impersonal and even robotic, a customized help center is more important than ever before.

According to studies conducted by Econsultancy, 74 percent of marketers agree that website customization and personalization will increase customer engagement. For example, travel agency Co-operative Travel experienced a 95 percent increase in traffic and a 217 percent increase in revenue after customizing its website, while BMW netted $500,000 in revenue specifically by customizing MMS messages to its clients.

Ways to Customize Your Zendesk Help Center

Customizing your Zendesk help center can help with branding; replacing colors, fonts, images, and more can help make the help center feel and look like the rest of your company's aesthetic. But customizing is also more than just consistency. Here are some ways you can customize your Help Center to make it easier to use, better to look at, and more useful for your company and its customers:

  • Improving design layout and content architecture: By adding a customized design that is user-friendly and responsive to your customers, you can engage your customers more fully and make their support session a positive experience. Some ways you can change the layout to make it easier to use and digest include altering the number of columns in the theme, modifying the number of custom units, and adding a content navigator to the left side of the Help Center (using API). You can also add images to categories and animation to make looking at your help center page more eye-catching and engaging.
  • Optimizing Help Center features: You can make the most of your Help Center by utilizing ticket forms, adding responsive themes that relate to your demographic, and customizing web widget “help” buttons so that they appear in strategic areas throughout your site.
  • Optimizing search features: You can make searches easier by placing search bars in more visible areas, plus changing the text in customer-friendly ways. For example, instead of simply saying “search,” your search bar can be enhanced with a welcoming “How may we help you?”
  • Making your help center match your site. One good way to keep up brand consistency and ease of use is making sure your help center matches your main site. To maintain consistency, consider doing the following: making the header and footer of your help center absolutely the same size as the one on your main website; adding additional header menus to match the full catalog of the store on your site; and changing the help center's width to match the pages on your primary site.
  • Add additional helpful info. Sometimes, social info -- like news and responses to comments and questions -- can be helpful to those looking for aid in your help center. Consider adding a feed of Twitter or Facebook messages to get more knowledge across to visitors.

How You Can Benefit from Customizing Your Zendesk Help Center

Customer engagement. Customer engagement and satisfaction will increase with a user-friendly Help Center designed for your client needs.

Customer Retention. Customer satisfaction means customer retention and loyalty.

Higher Sales. A streamlined support system that keys into your client demographics will result in faster response times and increased sales.

Stellar Reputation. The best way to win a stellar reputation with your customers is to provide a personalized, fast, easy-to-use customer service experience.

How Professional Themes Can Customize and Beautify Your Help Center

One of the best ways to customize your Zendesk Help Center is to use one of the many specially-created templates designed just for Zendesk by

Lotus Themes customizations can make your Help Center more relevant to your website’s customer service needs by providing designs and formats that will enhance customer experience, as well as make your Help Center easier to navigate. Customization service offers a variety of colors and fonts to give more of a visual impact, and different header and footer models to make your site appear more engaging to your customers. There are also appealing graphics and display themes that can be fine-tuned to your customer demographics, and layout and structure features that are user-friendly for both desktop and mobile site application. All of these factors make for a more responsive website, which studies have shown can result in higher conversion rates.

Customizing your Zendesk Help Center will take your customer support to a whole new level of professionalism. Even more importantly, it will add that valuable personal touch — a quality component that customers are looking for now more than ever in this increasingly impersonal digital age.

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