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How To Provide Excellent Zendesk Self-Service Support during Holidays

Posted on 24 Nov 06:34 pm


Do you fear keeping up during the holiday season?

When the incoming flow of traffic during holidays becomes 10 times bigger, every detail like a tiny bug or an inconvenient access to certain elements of your Zendesk help center (which are not visible throughout the year) will show up in a much LARGER SCALE. All you can do right now is optimizing everything you assume could possibly go wrong, because at some point it will happen, no matter what you do! Therefore, your job is to minimize the risks of occurrence as much as you can.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

Bobby Unser

Most of the questions and customer requests will be repetitive, therefore it would be a great idea to add the answers to these questions along with smart helpful hints to your Zendesk help center. This way you’ll offload your customer service agents by 50% or even 150%. Hence, they will focus on truly complex requests and will be able to accommodate more customers. As a result, the formula will be the following:

Improve self-service support during holidays - more customers will be served - more sales you will make - bigger profit you will get

Otherwise, your profits will go to someone else.

 “Victory loves preparation

from the movie Mechanic

Expectations and rate of the speed of decision-making process among the consumers increases a lot during the holidays, you should accelerate your self-service support service accordingly.

Develop and optimize your Knowledge Base

Given that the navigation of the Knowledge Base is smooth, intuitively simple and understandable, it can be easier and faster to use as opposed to contacting the service agents. Also, remember that Zendesk help center themes and all customizations should be fully compatible with Zendesk features so that everything will work perfectly well. If you get these services from Zendesk partners like Lotus Themes, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. 

Revise your frequently asked questions

    Study your existing articles and frequently asked questions, organize brainstorming sessions with your customer support team to identify anything missing and what can be added to your Zendesk help center. Analyze the typical requests from the past holidays season if you have this data on file. 

    Create featured sales and promo sections

    Design special sales and promo sections during holiday seasons in your Zendesk help center where customers can find what they are looking for in seconds. These sections can include special offers, opening hours, shipping terms and other conditions during this period. 

    Use real customers’ quotes

    Another effective solution highlights the real quotes of most common customer requests. The more they are in tune with their thoughts, the easier it will be to find the answers.

    The examples of such quotes for holiday self-service support can be like the following:

    • How can I double my bonus points during the holidays?
    • What are your shipping terms during the holidays? 
    • What are the differences of your recently launched product and the previous one?
    • Are there any promo codes available?
    • What are the operating hours of your office during holidays? 
    • What are your return/exchange/cancellation policies? 
    • Do you have any rush order options?
    • Do you have a gift wrap available?
    • Can I add a gift card to my order?
    • Do you have a shipping cost calculator?

    Even the last hint alone will be very effective self-service support during holidays and will offload your staff. 

    On a final note

    Just imagine that you have cockroaches and you might not even know about them. If you spread the food around, they’ll appear from all places you’ve never expected them to see. Pretty much the same happens with the bugs in your Zendesk help center. So, if you are willing to take the preventive measures, you better order disinfection services before the banquet of the year begins!

    Zendesk themes and customizations offered by Lotus Themes can inspect, “disinfect” and make your help center look super shiny and ready from A to Z before the holidays rush begins!

    Our Zendesk help center themes will be suitable for any industry and business, whereas additional individual customization services and Zendesk extensions will implement all ideas in reality.

    It's time to get your ideal help center!

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