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How to Fine-Tune Your Zendesk Help Center Theme

Posted on 1 Aug 03:00 PM

What role do help centers play in your business?

A help center is like an emergency center, customer service and front desk combined. It helps to clarify questions, guides, improves, persuades, and removes doubts. Considering the importance of these functions, it’s evident that everything should be impeccable at a help center. A perfect help center should give a professional and trustworthy impression. This can be achieved via a well-designed and user-friendly interface.

Design means level, status, and first impression, as this is the first thing that a customer encounters. One of the main trends nowadays is flexibility and customization. Pretty much every business has different values and priorities, different philosophies and strategies. Therefore each business has a different web-site, even in the same business niche.

Special features

Branding & Customization

Brands sell. It’s the rule that brings in customers. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to stick to your corporate style pretty much at every point of interaction with the clients.

Corporate layout, logo, custom colors, fonts, making the header and the footer of your help center 100% identical to the corporate style and many more interesting features can help you stay consistent in the messages you convey to the audience. Check out what’s in it for your business.


App Builder: Significant layout changes and the guide script which retrieves all sections and articles using Zendesk API. It allows easy navigation through the Help Center content.

Tools to help you fit your style

These tools will help your customers enjoy every feature of your help center without missing anything important. A great variety of layouts and styles will also help you stick to your corporate design and add individual preferences at the same time. You choose the most important elements of your hc and which elements it should adapt to.

For instance, among the special components of the Zendesk help centers themes you will encounter accordions and tabs. If you need to display different subjects in your article or toggle between hiding and showing certain content, the tabs and accordions will do that for you. You just need to insert a special script. You can read more about it here.

accordions-Zendesk customization


Different languages

Globalization has made it simpler than ever to do business on the global arena. The demand for multilingual web-sites and help centers is at its height. The more languages you have available, the more opportunities are available to you.

Over 40 languages are supported by Zendesk hc themes, so that you can communicate with pretty much any country in the world. There is also the option to have an auto detection of user-based language, along with the translation of custom and standard web-site elements.

Amazing icons

Any professional in customer service knows for a fact that positive emotions have the power to turn unhappy or doubting customers into happy and satisfied customers. Therefore, you can use various icons to make communication with your customers friendlier and brighter. There are over 700 animated, cool, stylized icons the size of which can also be adjusted. Use them to your advantage!


Cool extras

Let’s say you need to draw your customer’s attention to something extremely important, which could be just a temporary thing. You can use callout blocks, the purpose of which is to convey either information, warnings, success or warning messages.


A complete list of other cool elements of customization is available on Lotus Themes web-site.


Final words

Help centers themes strive to be 100% service-oriented in order to address requests of your business in the most effective manner.

Most of the time, the people, human touch, and services that your business offers are what turns “accidental” visitors into regular customers and then into loyal customers. Yet, the tools they work with and consistently quality performance should not be underestimated either.

Explore everything that Zendesk hc themes can add to the prosperity of your business.


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