• Is the Zendesk plan price included in the template price?

    No. You’ll need to purchase the Zendesk plan subscription and template separately.

  • Will I be able to easily add more categories, sections, and articles by using the built in Zendesk Editor?

    Sure! Adding content to your Help Center is a core Zendesk functionality. Our themes don’t affect any content.

  • Once I pay will I get notified to download the Zendesk theme right away?

    Let us first clarify the payments methods. At the moment there are two options:

    a) if you have Premier or Personal PayPal account or you would like to pay by card please choose the first option "PayPal Express Checkout". In this case, you will be able to pay via PayPal immediately. Right after that the link for downloading the theme will be sent to you.

    b) if you have Business PayPal account please choose the second option "PayPal for Business accounts". In this case, we will send the invoice to you manually. After the payment we will send the download link manually. We do our best to finish this entire process within a matter of minutes.

  • I see that "Font Awesome" is supplied, can you tell me what it is? I had a quick look and saw an array of icons but they were all black and white, do they come in colour?

    "Font Awesome" is a font which consist of icons only. You can use them anywhere in your Help Center (layout, articles, etc.). "Font Awesome" icons can be in any color you want, but note that some parts of icon can’t be in multiple colors.

  • I have an existing theme that I need to be edited to make it responsive. Do you do this type of work?

    At the moment we don’t offer that kind of service. However, you can purchase one of our themes and customization service, so we will change the theme according to your needs and brand guidelines. All of our Zendesk themes are responsive.

  • How to install a Zendesk theme?

    We will install your chosen template into your Zendesk Help Center and check if it works properly. This service is included in the price for the theme. If you’re interested, please order the Installation service.

    Otherwise, you can install the theme by yourself. It’s very simple! You will be able to find instructions on theme installation in our Online Help Center. You can also contact us via hello@lotusthemes.com for a free quote to assist you with installation if you face some difficulties.

  • Will a theme installation affect the content in my Help Center?

    Customization and installation will not affect the content or availability of your Help Center. Changes will be published immediately.

  • Do you first test it in the sandbox and then let me try it?

    First we create a demo Help Center with our own content and then let you use it to test out the theme before installing.

  • How to change the header image?

    You can change the header image by sending the image you want to use instead and give us temporary access to your Help Center. By doing so we will be able to change the header image for you.

    Or if you want to do it yourself, we can send you a detailed explanation about how to do that.

  • Can I personalize the icons and change the links?

    You can use any icons you want and replace the existing ones. Also, it’s okay to change the links to your main site or to anything else. You can change them by yourself or we can do it for you.

  • I like the "custom blocks and articles" look for the Home Page, can the "custom blocks" be increased to more than 4? For example, I"d like an icon block for the following: - Getting Started - Orders - Billing - Support - Export.

    Yes, you can have as many custom blocks as you want. Once there are more than default number of icons, a new line is created and they are placed there.

  • I need the theme to use our brand color. Instead of current red I would like to use blue. How can I do this? Do I need to change the colour by myself through the code?

    You can customize the theme by yourself or you can purchase our "Changing Color Scheme" service and give us your brand guidelines. In this case we can do the customization for you.

  • How long does customization take?

    Customization usually takes 2–3 days of work. Exactly how long it takes to finish customization depends on your final requirements. Changes will not affect your content or availability of your help center.

Please visit our Help Center to find mode questions and answers.

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