Get your Free Table of Contents

Compatible with the Copenhagen theme only

The Table of Contents extension finds headers in articles and automatically generates a list of links to those headers at the top of the article content. The extension works with usual HTML headers (h1, h2, h3, etc.).


Installation instructions

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. In Guide, click the Customize design icon in the sidebar.
  3. Click Customize on the theme you want to edit.
  4. Click Edit code.
  5. In the Files section, click Add new, then select Asset.
  6. Browse to select the simple-toc.js and simple-toc.css files.
  7. The asset files are added to your list of asset files.
  8. In the Templates sections, select the 'footer.hbs' template.
  9. Copy and paste the following lines to the end of the file:
    <script src="{{asset 'simple-toc.js'}}"></script>
    window.addEventListener('load', () => {
  10. Click the Save button.
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