Why Zendesk Partners Could Be Your Best Friends

Posted on 31 Aug 2018



Zendesk cares about its customers from all over the world and aims to make their experience as good and smooth as possible at all points of interaction. Therefore, Zendesk partners are selected very carefully. One of the reasons they become partners, unlike the others, is not just expertise but also maintenance of high quality standards.

You can find Zendesk partners for many different purposes whether it is custom development, consulting, technical assistance or any other services that you might need.

Zendesk partners versus others

Every company has the freedom to choose how they want the additional services implemented to their Zendesk. However, they need to be aware of the consequences of their choices.

Let’s review one of the common examples of such service—design and customization of your Zendesk Guide.

Every professional marketer understands the importance of branding and customizing Zendesk along with other tools and resources that their company possesses and uses. If you have chosen a help center, which is originally not part of your main website, it’s your job to make it look like its daughter and not like a “stranger”. Generally, you have three options, each of which we will review later in the article: use your specialists within the company, hire a freelancer or outsourcing company or choose the official Zendesk partners.

Using your own resources

When you give a task to your team to customize Zendesk Guide, you must keep in mind that, regardless of their professionalism in web development and clarity of the code, your team needs to invest time studying all the features and functions of Zendesk and their compatibility, find information about peculiarities and so on. If your specialists have enough time to devote to customizing your Zendesk Guide and testing or are already experts in everything that relates to Zendesk, then this might be the perfect option for you.

We are sure that you will be able to achieve the results you want if you choose to spend time and resources on it. You should also keep in mind that additional work may be required afterwards.

Hiring freelancers or a non-official outsourcing company

The process of customization will look similar to the one above, but with the difference that you will hire somebody from outside. However, you should also be confident in the knowledge and expertise of the third party because it might be your first time working with them without an official guarantee for their services.

You should also be patient in this case and get ready to give them more time for testing; giving them a chance to fix some bugs that could be made from their first or second trials. The mistakes could be absolutely any—from adjusting the images in the layout to making sure that your Zendesk Guide is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. Usually, when freelancers do not have a specialty or expertise, it takes them longer to do this job. They might also be not aware of some errors that may appear in the future.

Nevertheless, you have every chance of achieving your objective over time if you choose this option and if you are not afraid of getting a result that may not meet your initial expectations.

Hiring Zendesk partners

Working with Zendesk partners will eliminate many possible consequences. Furthermore, the experts will not just implement your objectives effortlessly, effectively and quickly, they may also recommend further adjustments that you (or your team or freelancer) didn’t even know about.

Perhaps there are other shortcuts and better solutions for achieving the same or better results. Of course, such recommendations can be given only by those who are pros and know all the tiny little details about customizing Zendesk Guide. 

Official Zendesk partners offer high quality services with guarantees, timeliness and proficiency. They guarantee that your users will not encounter errors in 2–3–6 weeks or more afterwards due to a lack of knowledge of all peculiarities related to Zendesk or due to poor skills.

At the end of the day, it is confidence in quality, punctuality, and guaranteed expertise that you are paying for and it cannot be cheap. The benefits above can ensure the peace of mind of your entire team including the general manager.


Ultimately, the choice is your responsibility. If you are convinced that working with official partners is worth it, you can consider Lotus Themes for ready-to-use help center templates, branding and customizing your Zendesk Guide.

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