How to Manage Your Zendesk Help Center Tickets More Effectively

Languishing Help Center tickets mean unsatisfied or uninformed customers. One way to boost customer satisfaction and engagement with your site and Help Center is to manage ticket processes more effectively and efficiently.

Common Challenges for Managing Help Center Tickets

Common Help Center ticket challenges usually deal with volume or complexity. Either companies get more tickets than they can handle within a reasonable time period or they receive tickets that require complex processing. If tickets can't be handled by the first person to review them, help desks risk problems falling through cracks as tickets are routed between staff. Such problems can be exacerbated when site users speak numerous languages.

Top Tips for Managing Help Center Tickets Effectively

By following a few tips for managing your Help Center ticket processes, you can combat many of the common challenges for site owners and companies.

  • Create a priority system. Provide users with an option to select ticket priority and a function for Help Center staff to edit or rate priority themselves. This lets staff work queues based on severity of the problem, ensuring urgent matters are closed quickly.
  • Make use of multiple incoming addresses. Building functionality in for multiple support emails removes a sifting step from your processes. Billing inquiries are automatically routed to accounting support and tech inquiries are automatically routed to tech support, for example, speeding up resolution of all issues.
  • Set Zendesk times appropriately. Set your Satisfaction time requirement for a short amount of time, but consider setting ticket closure requirements longer. When staff is rushed to complete tickets, they might not enter all the information required. Leaving tickets open after initial customer contact or assistance also lets staff follow up effectively to ensure long-term resolution.
  • Create processes for routing by ticket type and language. Create written procedures for routing tickets as needed, whether you're routing based on language needs or by ticket types. Consistent procedures ensure support staff knows how to handle each ticket and lets management track tickets so all customers are responded to appropriately.
  • Empower staff. Empower support staff to actually assist customers instead of simply routing tickets to various departments. When the first person who sees a ticket can solve the problem or at least provide answers, customers are much more likely to be satisfied.

Benefits of a Well-Run Help Center Ticket Process

Strong Help Center ticket support processes reduce headaches for staff and bolster customer confidence in your site and company. Increased customer satisfaction leads to additional conversations and stronger customer loyalty.

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