A Smart Way for Zendesk Users to Spend an End-of-Year Budget


What usually happens to an end-of-year budget? Most companies have a “use-it-or-lose-it” rule and for a good reason. The budget will not be carried over into a new year and, what’s worse, it could be reduced for the next year too. So what should you do now? Why not try to use the rest of your budget wisely and spend it on something that can improve, develop and customize your Zendesk? This way you can create a perfect win-win situation!

Careless spending vs. investing

Many companies rush into spending their budget carelessly by funding lower quality projects or buying unnecessary software and services. We hope you agree that spending for the sake of spending is a great waste of resources.

Instead, it would be wise to take a step back and think what is really needed or can be improved that will produce a certain benefit or ROI.

If your company practices a “use-it-or-lose-it” approach, you might consider the following options:

  • Invest in essential stock for your department;
  • Invest in training and education for your staff;
  • Buy new features and services that will improve your operational processes.

The last option in particular can be turned from a last-minute expense into a really good investment for end-of-year budget leftovers. It could be something that has worked out already and all you need to do is strengthen it. Luckily, as Zendesk users you have plenty of options for how to use the budget wisely. You trust Zendesk help centers and can seize real results after each tiny improvement.

Zendesk upgrades that are worth each and every dollar!

Help your customer service agents make their job more efficient and effective. It’s in your power to use that golden capital that’s left from the annual budget to make final positive or even life-changing improvements.

For instance, you can offload the number of tickets by adding certain features like chat bots and Zendesk extensions. You can also improve customer experience and create a positive impact by using Zendesk branding and customization services, which will allow your help pages and/or emails to look impeccably perfect! It’s not a secret that branded emails have higher open rates — and here is another evident advantage to spending the end-of-year budget on something that will have a positive impact on your workflow and business.

Let’s have a look at the list of possible options to customize your Zendesk help center:

  • Powerful Zendesk extensions can increase customer satisfaction rates. You can improve the navigation on your Zendesk helpdesk, add helpful alerts, redesign your table of content and add buttons, customize the “Recent Activity” section and use additional components to format articles.
  • Email branding will allow you to include the logo of your company, use brand colors, and add a custom text to the header and footer in accordance with your corporate style so that the open rate and CTR rates will be increased. Also, do not forget about the positive increase of brand awareness. Customize your Zendesk emails and let them stand out and be recognized!
  • Outstanding additional elements, such as callout blocks, hundreds of cool icons, awesome fonts that can be animated and many more Zendesk components will make your help center brighter and, as a result, improve customer experience.

Start a new year with a pleasant feeling of accomplishment!

To finalize the points above, it would be fair to say that you must be lucky to have some of your end-of-year budget left. So it’s time to polish your decisions and make a final responsible decision to improve the customer service experience and the lives of your staff.

Let the new year begin with a renewed help center full of brand-new Zendesk extensions and other features!


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