Migration to Zendesk requires design that keeps components from the current help center and adds new features to realize the full potential of the new customer self-service.


About the Company

Rachio, the Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you control of your sprinklers and watering bill, right from your smartphone.


Rachio migrated to Zendesk and needed a new good-looking theme that matched their corporate style in terms of both colors and structure of their help center. The company also wanted to mimic their current community which was built on a different platform. And it was important to them to be able to make customizations on their own in future.


This was a challenging task as Rachio had many strict requirements that we needed to meet in Zendesk help center customization. Modifications and new features were regularly suggested by the customer and we had to work on those updates. Fortunately, our constant communication with Rachio staff and discussion of proposed changes helped us turn their ideas into reality.

To meet all their intricate needs we took our Braden theme as a basis, changed colors, fonts, icons and background image, customized the Community, added the side navigation by creating a script that uses API to retrieve the full list of categories, and changed the layout of the home page.

As Rachio has the full access to the code, they are able to make changes to their Zendesk theme in-house.




Collaboration with people from different departments in the customer’s company and active discussions helped us create the perfect theme for Rachio that took into account all their wishes.

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“All of the work on site looks great, I'd say overall we are extremely happy with the results that you've provided for us”
Lucas C.


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