Why is it crucial to customize Zendesk?


Pretty much every respected business treats its website very seriously and invests considerable amounts of money to the design, layout, technical and usability audits in order to customize it to the maximum extent. It’s understandable that customized and branded website stands out and creates the right impression to customers. At the same time, these people may easily forget or, even worse, they don’t understand why it’s important to customize Zendesk help center, even though it’s A PART of their website and an absolutely necessary one.

It’s similar to going to the gym and forgetting about training your left arm for example, thinking it will be fine. The inequality like the one in this example cannot be more evident.

It’s fair to notice that if a part of your business is not well presented on the Internet, then it might be in danger or at least you may not experience the results you wish.

Why Is It Important to Customize Zendesk?

Before answering the question why customizing Zendesk help center is important, let’s see what the disadvantages of using the standard templates are.

  • Your help center may look like 1000s of others

    Many other websites will use the same template and your customers may spot it out immediately even subconsciously and, as a result, you might make an impression of being cheap and mediocre.
  • Limitations are inevitable

    Functionality, navigation, usability, graphics and other features can be fine-tuned by tech guys only to the certain extent, and still, you will be missing your corporate style and individual vibe.

In other words, if you are for some reason in a rush to create your Zendesk help center or you are not treating your website seriously, then the standard template will help you out. Other than that, it will look like an alien chunk of your website and not user friendly for your customers.

The advantages of customizing Zendesk help center include:

Individualized approach to your target audience

You will need to adapt your site to your customers that have certain criteria and demands. In case you customize your Zendesk along with your website and other business tools, you will have much higher chances to win in your niche.

Much stronger branding

The reason behind this is simple – it’s much more logical if the site is designed to fit YOU, instead of making tons of efforts to get a template to fit your brand.

No limitations on design and functionality

Vice versa, once you know what you want, the custom template can do it.

Lay down the foundation for the future

By customizing Zendesk help center, you leave the room for improvement and further growth.

Higher ROI and conversion rates

Numerous studies show that ROI of the customized websites is higher. The same is applicabe for help centers. The customers with the most positive experience are likely to purchase and interact more.

Design & visual effectiveness

It is evidently much higher when every single detail is custom-tailored.

Average lifespan

Lifespan of customized products lasts 3-4 years on average versus 1.5 years of standard templates. The same rule can be applied in regards to Zendesk help center customization.

Mobile readiness

You can be sure that you will be ready to welcome a new iPhone XX S Plus (only God knows how they will name their new iPhone :) or brand-new generation of Retina screens, or anything that comes up in this hectic, crazy world that your customers will eagerly use, IF you choose to customize your Zendesk help center.

"Consistency in your branding is key to developing trust with your customers". Vari Longmuir

    Some budget savings can turn around badly

    Of course, one of the main advantages of the “ready-to-go” template is its price. However, though it looks like an attractive offer, it doesn’t mean you will win in the long run. If you invest in customizing Zendesk help center, your ROI and other rates will increase as well. As a result, you will not only compensate the expenses shortly, but also get ahead.

    Furthermore, flexibility in most cases will determine your success in this ever changing web trends environment and customer demands. Especially if your company deals with a gradually increasing number of new customers, appealing design, intuitive functionality and navigation are the keys and only the Zendesk help center customization can help you out.

    You can find more details about what needs to be addressed at the first place in our help center articles. They might be a good reference for you to set out the priorities, if you decide to customize your Zendesk.

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