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Super Expensive iPhone X Can Cause Your Zendesk Help Center Theme Super Expensive Problems

Posted on 18 Oct 03:52 pm


It’s hardly believable that the newest iPhone X which hasn’t even gone global in mass production has officially acknowledged the issues with the website layouts.

What does this mean for you and your business? It implies that it’s not enough to simply own desktop, mobile and tablet responsive layouts of your website and Zendesk theme. Sit tight and get ready to explore working on an entirely new and enhanced layout – specifically for iPhone X users!

What are the horrifying consequences?

Unfortunately, Zendesk themes are not an exception and some of them need to be adapted to the iPhone X layout as well. Luckily, due to the reported delays in the production of a new legendary iPhone, web developers have some time to get ready.

Why is it necessary to change? The consequences will result in the loss of numerous iPhone X users. You don’t have to predict future to understand that any inconvenience encountered with Zendesk help center will result in frustration. Aren’t those people who will purchase the brand-new iPhone models your golden customers? If so, you cannot afford losing this audience.

Fortunately, measures that would prevent this exist. All you have to do is check whether there’s a necessity to adapt your Zendesk help center custom themes and take the measures.

Most common bugs and issues

Bullet points and lists are displayed incorrectly, as it’s shown on the images below. The words overlay on top of each other or the bullets.


Videos cannot be seen fully on the screen. It’s not even a half of what is shyly sticking out. Well, you definitely don’t want your cool, helpful videos which you have invested your time, money and efforts towards looking like the ones below on your Zendesk theme.


And now look at the awkward footer together with the content on the status page. The dates are not displayed fully and the icons are dislocated.


And now imagine that your loyal customer has gone through the hell with all these issues and finally got to the “submit a request” form. Guess what? There’re more big fat bugs waiting to frustrate your loyal customers once and for all.


Solution is found

Of course, you wouldn’t be grateful to Apple for these issues, but layouts need to be adapted and tested no matter what. Otherwise, the price for carelessness is away too expensive. From your customer’s perspective, it is much more logical and convenient to go to your competitors rather than complicating one’s life by experimenting with your Zendesk theme on other devices or throwing new iPhones out of the window.

In order to make your layout responsive for iPhone X you will have to hire the developers and learn information in the open sources. The work that needs to be done should include not only the optimization of the technical elements, but also the graphics.

The Apple Webkit team has developed an instruction for web developers and designers. However, when it comes to specific site architecture, like Zendesk themes have for instance, your developers should be aware of those peculiarities.

Especially now with this complex extraordinary display structure of iPhone X, the task of simple design optimization has become a greater challenge that might be not only time-consuming, but also expensive.

At the same time, the clock is ticking and as a responsible business you need to be prepared for the mass production of new iPhones. Your websites should be 100% compliant, customized and tested beforehand.


Good news for those who value their time and need 100% positive results. As soon as our web designers and developers learned about the issues with layout, all Zendesk themes from Lotus Themes were immediately tested with consideration of all case scenarios. We can reassure that your Zendesk help center custom themes will look perfect on the new iPhones.



Hence, everybody who’s using or just planning to use Lotus Themes can allow themselves a luxury to seat back and relax. The same applies to those who have ordered customization and branding services. Our experts have done all the work for you.

After all, it would be much more productive to focus on other strategic improvements instead of fixing the existing settings.

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