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“We are aware that some of our requirements are challenging. But that’s why we are asking you :) ”

Zendesk Guide for Enfore

About the Company

Enfore helps small businesses re-imagine how they utilize technology and enable them to stay competitive in a connected world. Enfore’s team is sure that in the future every small business should enjoy similar efficiencies and scale-effects that historically were only available to large enterprises.


Enfore’s main goal was to integrate Zendesk knowledge base as seamless as possible into their website. They had challenging requirements not all of which were possible to fulfill due to Zendesk constraints. Another challenge was connected with time allocated for this work.


In order to meet all the challenging demands we determined what was possible and created workarounds for challenges that were constrained by Zendesk architecture. Now Enfore’s Zendesk knowledge base which is based on the Flatrock theme looks similar to the main website, sorts articles by votes via API, has a specific form field appearance, features a particular style of categories and many other customizations according to their mockups and our suggestions. To enable sorting Vue.js framework and Zendesk API were used.

To meet the tight deadline we agreed on implementing all the requirements in 2 steps so that Enfore’s team could migrate all the content by that date. First, we fulfilled the most urgent items like the layout and general appearance and then we delivered­ sorting, filter, and archive options.

Zendesk Guide for Enfore before


Zendesk Guide for Enfore after



Our great desire to create excellent customer experience via impeccable Zendesk Guide design and deep knowledge of Zendesk features allowed us to meet Enfore’s challenging requirements and deliver a premium help center.

Zendesk Guide customization for Enfore

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