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Package from Santa®

New customization for our loyal happy customer

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About the Company

Package From Santa® was founded on the belief that EVERY person, young or old, deserves to experience the magic of Santa Claus. It offers personalized letters, personalized videos and free phone calls from Santa to amaze your children during Christmas.


Package From Santa® is our loyal happy customer. They already had one of our Zendesk help center templates and wanted to customize it according to their new requirements.

This time they wanted a custom Zendesk Guide theme with branding and seamless integration with the rest of the website. Their additional requirement was to integrate Zingtree on the main page of their Zendesk and host a contact form independent from Zingtree integration. The final goal for Package From Santa® was to replicate their competitor's help center area but make it look better.


Package From Santa® already had our Flatrock template for their Zendesk help center. We took it as a basis so that they didn’t have to purchase a new theme and customized Zendesk Guide according to their new mock-up design.

A new header with a large search bar was added to all inner pages. The layout of the article page was slightly changed according to the customer’s design. The category tree presents an accordion which allows users to toggle between hiding and showing large amount of content. Stylized blocks with blue buttons in the right column bring up the stylized Zingtree popup, let users open the ‘Submit a request’ form, and link to the Zendesk end­-user login to check requests. The ‘Alert’ extension was also added to the Zendesk Guide articles.

Additionally, we changed the footer according to the provided mock-up:

  • logo linking to the main page
  • links to Privacy Policy and Terms
  • link to the customer support phone number
  • large social media buttons

Finally, we made it possible for the Package From Santa®’s team to insert a banner on the main page under the search bar. The banner can be different for the mobile and desktop versions. When they don’t have a banner image or message, the sections and articles move back to the top of the page as if the banner was never there.

Zendesk Guide for Package from Santa before


Zendesk Guide for Package from Santa after



Package From Santa® has a renewed customized Zendesk Guide that helps customers give their children an amazing experience this Christmas.


Zendesk Guide customization for Package from Santa


“Thank you, this is looking great!!!

Can’t wait for it to go live and help customers.”

Carey and Dale G.


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