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Top 5 Customer Experience Trends for 2019 and How to Implement Them Effectively

Posted on 31 Jan 01:00 am

Today, having a customer experience strategy integrated with every part of a company’s operations is a must-have, as stated in the extensive study by Hotjar. We'll review the most important findings that can help position you among the leaders in 2019.


Insights from the Zendesk Roadshow Event

Posted on 4 Dec 03:53 pm

Lotus Themes had the privilege of being at Zendesk Roadshow and we’d like to share valuable insights about customer experience and Zendesk as a product. Read our honest review from a first-person perspective.


Winning Strategies for Customer Support during the Holiday Season

Posted on 16 Nov 07:00 pm

Even if your customer support is absolutely great throughout the year, you may encounter considerable challenges during holidays, unless certain measures are taken. We highlighted a short review of real things you can do to get ready for the holiday season and rock it instead of losing it.


Free vs. Paid Zendesk Themes

Posted on 14 Oct 01:00 am

Choosing between free and paid Zendesk themes isn't so easy. You need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in the short and long run. Find out how you can save money and avoid paying twice.


Why Zendesk Partners Could Be Your Best Friends

Posted on 31 Aug 06:47 pm

Zendesk cares about its customers and aims to make their experience as smooth as possible at all points of interaction. Therefore, Zendesk partners are selected very carefully. One of the reasons they become partners, unlike the others, isn't just expertise but also maintenance of high quality standards.


Zendesk Knowledge Base Challenges an FAQ Page

Posted on 20 Jul 06:33 pm

Knowledge bases and FAQ pages can be compared to a first aid kit for your users. Their importance shouldn't be underestimated and the developers of the Zendesk knowledge base know this for sure. Let’s explore both in detail by starting with a definition, followed by comparison of the key functions.


5 Must-See Zendesk Customizations That Will Inspire You

Posted on 29 Jun 05:19 pm

Why build a Zendesk help center from scratch when you can see how other brands have customized theirs, and replicate best ideas.


Competitive advantages of Zendesk Guide for your business

Posted on 31 May 07:00 pm

Zendesk Guide creates a mutually beneficial environment for customers and agents. The former are provided with super easy and complete self-service support and the latter can accommodate more tickets in a shorter period of time. As a result, you will be able to lessen the workload of your staff and increase users’ satisfaction.


How to Improve the Look And Feel of Your Zendesk Guide

Posted on 19 Apr 08:00 pm

If we consider what elements constitute the “look and feel” of your Zendesk Guide, we’ll see that these elements create an atmosphere, which can form a special opinion before potential customers have tried your services. Let’s see exactly how to boost this look and feel.


Beginner’s Guide to Customizing Zendesk

Posted on 29 Mar 04:51 pm

Are you new to Zendesk world and want to make it right from the beginning? Then you are in the right place to learn how you can customize Zendesk Guide and what to focus on.


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