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Competitive advantages of Zendesk Guide for your business

Posted on 31 May 07:00 pm

Zendesk Guide creates a mutually beneficial environment for customers and agents. The former are provided with super easy and complete self-service support and the latter can accommodate more tickets in a shorter period of time. As a result, you will be able to lessen the workload of your staff and increase users’ satisfaction.


How to Improve the Look And Feel of Your Zendesk Guide

Posted on 19 Apr 08:00 pm

If we consider what elements constitute the “look and feel” of your Zendesk Guide, we’ll see that these elements create an atmosphere, which can form a special opinion before potential customers have tried your services. Let’s see exactly how to boost this look and feel.


Beginner’s Guide to Customizing Zendesk

Posted on 29 Mar 04:51 pm

Are you new to Zendesk world and want to make it right from the beginning? Then you are in the right place to learn how you can customize Zendesk Guide and what to focus on.


Lotus Themes’ contribution to Zendesk Guide Users for 2018

Posted on 28 Feb 05:00 pm

We have finalized the list of improvements for Zendesk that were developed by Lotus Themes in 2017 and are glad to present them to the masses. Learn more about Zendesk Guide themes, custom design, email branding and extensions.


Why is it crucial to customize Zendesk?

Posted on 26 Jan 07:41 pm

Every business treats its website seriously and invests considerable amounts of money to the design, layout, technical and usability audits. Customized and branded website stands out and creates the right impression to customers. At the same time, these people may forget or, even worse, they don’t understand why it’s important to customize Zendesk help center, though it’s A PART of their website.


Why Zendesk help centers are the best of the best?

Posted on 28 Dec 06:00 pm

Have you ever wondered why Zendesk help centers are so popular and unique? Why do they always win as opposed to many other similar services? Let’s dig into this question.


A Smart Way for Zendesk Users to Spend an End-of-Year Budget

Posted on 13 Dec 02:51 pm

What usually happens to an end-of-year budget? Most companies have a “use-it-or-lose-it” rule and for a good reason. The budget will not be carried over into a new year and, what’s worse, it could be reduced for the next year too. So what should you do now?


How To Provide Excellent Zendesk Self-Service Support during Holidays

Posted on 24 Nov 06:34 pm

When the incoming flow of traffic during holidays becomes 10 times bigger, every detail like a tiny bug or an inconvenient access to certain elements of your Zendesk help center (which are not visible throughout the year) will show up in a much LARGER SCALE. 


How to Win the Holiday Season 2017 with Your Customer Service Team

Posted on 15 Nov 07:14 pm

The holiday season promises a lot more customers, a lot more orders and revenue as well as headaches, hassle and problems, IF your customer service is not prepared for it well enough.


Improve the Customer Experience Through Mobile Help Center Design

Posted on 26 Oct 04:28 pm

The world is rapidly evolving, going digital and vastly mobile too! Everything is moving faster and technologies dictate the speed of our lives a lot. It is quite possible that one day PCs can nearly die out like mammoths.


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