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Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Help Center

Posted on 31 Aug 11:32 PM

As of 2014, mobile access to the internet was greater than fixed-device access, and the trend has continued through today. That means more people get online on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than get online via traditional desktop computers or laptops. As the line between laptops and tablets blurs thanks to products such as flip-and-fold computers and netbooks, it's more important than ever to ensure your entire site is friendly to mobile users. That includes the pages in your Zendesk Help Center.

Methods for Creating Mobile-Friendly Help Centers

Zendesk offers a number of methods you can use to create mobile-friendly Help Centers, and Lotus Themes always strives to deliver mobile-ready templates. The following are some ways you can ensure your pages are mobile-friendly:

  • Ensure pages are responsive. Responsive designs let your pages adapt to the user's device. The location of information, and sometimes the entire layout, changes to fit the user's screen whether they access your page via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Prepare pages for Retina displays. Newer devices are often equipped with Retina displays, which deliver images in high-definition detail. Someone on such a device moving between a Retina-ready page or site and one that is not Retina-ready is going to notice the difference. Creating pages that are compatible with Retina displays is important to ensure a consistent positive customer experience.
  • Customize your mobile layout. Zendesk lets you assign a mobile layout to pages, and you should always take advantage of this fact. Perfecting your desktop-based layout isn't enough, and you can't rely on the fact that your standard page will look good on a mobile device.
  • Test mobile functionality. When you launch new Help Center pages, always test them on a variety of devices. Ensure that all mobile functionality, such as touch-and-swipe navigation, works as expected and that the page fits the screen appropriately.

Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Help Center

A mobile-friendly Help Center obviously lets you assist and engage with many customers who might prefer to access the internet on mobile devices. Providing customers with options creates a more positive customer experience, which in turn drives loyalty and conversion rates. Mobile-friendly sites should also be part of your foundation for future business as you prepare to meet access needs that may only become more disparate as technology choices increase.

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