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What Makes a Zendesk Help Center Look Professional

Posted on 20 Aug 01:26 PM

One of the benefits of starting with Zendesk for your website Help Center is that you begin with a proven architecture that delivers professional results. While functionality is certainly critical for customer service, you also want your Help Center pages to look and feel professional to users. Customers that land on your Help Center pages may yet know very little about your brand, so it's important to make a good impression, and customers loyal to your organization expect solid service across all your pages. Here are some ways you can make your Help Center look professional.

User-Friendly Customization

Start by customizing your Help Center to best meet client needs. Choose the templates, structure, layout and page elements that best work for your content and the way your customers are most likely to use your website. A young customer base is likely to look for multimedia approaches and access the site on mobile devices, while professional business-to-business clients might want less flash and more text. By understanding your audience, you can choose professional customization options that enhance user experiences.

Responsive Designs

Mobile-friendly sites are a requirement for any professional online business, that is why Lotus Themes ensures all your templates are compatible with Retina displays. If you don't concern yourself with mobile users, then your site looks unfinished or not thought out to those who access it via cell phones and tablets. Even more troubling, some of your critical Help Center functionality might not work at all for those on mobile devices if you don't plan accordingly.

Quality, Relevant Content

Fill your site with quality content that is relevant to the needs and questions of your customers. Ensure that all page elements are formatted professionally and use proper spelling and grammar. That includes titles and headers, article content, callout text, and video and photo captions. A beautiful site that is filled with unprofessional content can be as off-putting to customers as a site that makes no attempt at design to begin with.

Branded Designs

Use themes that let you modify colors, fonts and layouts to match your company brand. Branding Help Center pages ensures customers get a seamless experience as they navigate your site. You don't want to give customers the impression that they've left your site and are dealing with a third-party support organization, especially when so many people are wary of potential online frauds. Branding your pages, and including brand-related headers and footers on all Help Center pages, bolsters customer trust.

Quality Language Support

Take advantage of Zendesk's multi-language support to ensure all your customers are supported in a language that they can understand. Communication is a key factor in customer satisfaction, and you can't communicate viably in a language the client isn't comfortable with.

A Strong Community of Users

Finally, make use of forum features and comments on articles to encourage a strong community of users within your Help Center. When people see others engaging with your company and with each other about your brand, they see a professional organization with a loyal following. Do take time to engage with and monitor the community on your site, though, to both communicate with customers and manage issues related to internet trolls.

By combining an understanding of Zendesk architecture with creative approaches to templates and themes, Lotus Themes has made it possible to create branded, professional-looking Help Center pages easily. Find out more by contacting us today.

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