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Social Support Apps for Zendesk

Posted on 22 Oct 06:59 PM

Social media has become a critical aspect of online support. Customers like the immediate or close-to-immediate response that is afforded by social media, and some customers simply take to social platforms to vent frustrations about issues they are facing. Brands who are paying attention can turn those opportunities into stellar customer experiences, creating a reputation for being responsive, engaging and helpful.

Some Top Zendesk Social Support Apps

Zendesk functionality lets you incorporate a variety of social media apps into your site and support functions. Some top social support apps are highlighted below.

  • Falcon Social lets you create a support ticket directly from social posts and comments, easily integrating them into your existing Help Center functions. You can also grab content from existing tickets, reducing the time it takes to respond to common issues across social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.
  • Ongair bridges your support ticket structure with the messaging apps from Facebook, Telegram and WeChat. Support agents can convert IMs into tickets and respond to customers via the app the customer is most comfortable with.
  • Yammer lets you publish real-time updates about ticket and support issues to the entire organization, providing everyone with a sense of current volume so extra hands can jump in to handle ticket requests. Keeping an eye on trends through Yammer also lets you address minor and common issues before they escalate to larger problems.
  • Engaged by Mzinga features OmniSocial Engaged Integration with Zendesk, letting you keep an eye on customer feedback regarding your brand across multiple social platforms at one time. You can also pull information from social sources into support and ticket processes easily.

Getting Started With Social Support Apps

Before you launch social support apps in your Help Center processes, you do need to know where your customers are most likely to be found. Many of these apps lets you monitor multiple social channels, but adding dozens of channels isn't always possible and can cause errors and confusion. Prioritize the platforms where your customers are.

Finally, create a plan and define what types of social comments and posts you'll respond to. For most brands, responding to every comment is impossible, and not every post needs to become a support ticket. Defining your processes ahead of time creates a better chance at success with social support.

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