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Improve the Customer Experience Through Mobile Help Center Design

Posted on 26 Oct 04:28 pm


What role does mobile responsive design play today?

The world is rapidly evolving, going digital and vastly mobile too! Everything is moving faster and technologies dictate the speed of our lives a lot. It is quite possible that one day PCs can nearly die out like mammoths.

At the same time, no one has to forget about the necessity to provide the same high quality level of service on “the big screen” of PC as on tablet or any size of smartphone. Customers only care about their own convenience. They don’t like making extra actions; they don’t like when something is hard to reach or is hardly visible. At the same time, they are very strict judges. If they don’t like something, they will quit and may not even come back.

A study on customer experience conducted by Software Advice stated that over 60% of the US population seeks customer support on mobile devices several times per month. At the same time, about a third of them do that several times per week. Furthermore 42% of people use live chats on mobiles. Now, focus your mind on the help center design and how precious it should be able to help them out and by doing so, increase their loyalty.

Hence, by paying attention to mobile responsive design on your website and help center, you can considerably improve your customers’ experience.

What has to be considered in the help center design?

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the aim of your website and especially help center design should sound something like “perfection in every single detail” in order to turn the doubts of your customers into winning round of interaction.

Let’s see the important aspects of responsive design on the example of Zendesk help centers.

  • Load speed – this is the very first encounter that will differentiate the happy customer from the one who’s rolling his eyes. Most of the time keeping people waiting will irritate them.
  • Simple menu displayed on all pages – your customers will be grateful for giving them the tools to get to a desired section shortly.
  • Customer service widget or ‘Contact us’ form displayed on all pages – this is another element that increases loyalty and allows people to cry out whenever they feel confused.
  • Easy-to-find search box is another “favorite” issue of majority of the websites because it is a short cut to any information your end-users seek. Especially when they use mobile devices and most of the time the screen is small (in comparison to a regular laptop screen), the search box is their GPS system. Now, imagine how they will be frustrated by not being able to find the information they need, nor the search box.
  • Cart icon displayed on all pages – this is mostly suitable for e-commerce stores. However, once you decide to add a cart, you should not limit yourself to certain areas of the website only. On the contrary, you should take it seriously and do once and for all.
  • Another good manner would be displaying your logo which will lead to the home page. This is another simple and, at the same time, great shortcut in navigation which can bring the person to the home page and increase your brand awareness.

These points are what customer experience specialists recommend you to keep in mind based on their expertise combined with numerous surveys conducted in the market.

Common design mistakes on mobile version

One of the common issues with Zendesk help center design is incomplete display of elements, such as search box, menu, pictures, videos, and so on:

  • Complicated design along with other website elements can overlap and cause commotion on the mobile version.
  • Text or visuals can be partially displayed.
  • Images can be resized or cropped.
  • And, speaking again of probably the most irritating thing – the search box, very often it is simply absent.

The better you test all your options and more thoroughly you make your responsive Zendesk design, the brighter future on behalf of happy (or satisfied, or at least not irritated and frustrated) customers awaits you around the corner.

A team of true experts of all kinds from Lotus Themes knows the difference between fairly good customer experience and the GREAT one. We can work out every detail, every icon, image, function and element of your Zendesk help center design meticulously and make it 100% compatible to mobile layout. As a result, your responsive Zendesk design will demonstrate your true care about your customers that will be definitely appreciated and returned not only with Karma points, but with monetary reimbursement too.

It's time to get your ideal help center!

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