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Customer Service As A Lead-Generating Channel

Posted on 12 Mar 07:14 PM

Lead generation is the beginning of any business marketing strategy. Most modern marketing gurus promote digital marketing as an effective lead generation channel that includes landing pages, blogs, subscription pop-ups, and forms. All these time-tested lead generation channels have one thing in common, i.e. communication.

Yes, right communication with your customers is the key in any lead generating channel. A catchy business tagline or title on the landing page, attention-grabbing email subject and CTA in a form, all these have an impact on what you want to communicate to your customers and how effectively you do so. However, all these channels do not facilitate a two-way communication. The queries and needs of your potential customer could be sidelined.

Here is where “customer service” comes into the picture. When a business focuses on customer service, it allows their potential customers to voice their concerns so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. This approach guarantees lead generation and builds your customers’ trust and loyalty.

So, how do you go about customer service as a lead generation channel?

1. Landing Page

Landing pages are designed to grab the attention of your potential customer towards a unique service or product that you are offering. They are often minimilistic and visitors have no distraction while their queries are resolved with the information on the landing page.

The objective is to persuade the visitor to click the CTA in a form. However, what if the visitor still has queries and is not so keen on filling the form? Is the potential lead lost? Not really, if “Customer Service” kicks in. You can assure the potential lead that he is one step away to answers for his queries by implementing the following on the landing page:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Live Chat
  3. Pre-Recorded Messages

2. Address Comments Promptly

One way your potential customer communicates with your business is via comments on your blog or social media pages. Many use this medium to ask their queries, and even if they may sound silly or irrelevant to you, good customer service involves giving them equal attention and addressing them promptly. Doing so will result in customers feeling free to ask question more often.

These queries help you understand what your customers are looking out for in your blog or business. So answer any doubt that your customers have in the comment section itself. This answer could be brief, and you can address the query in detail in a new blog article. This new blog article that is written due to good customer service can be your new lead generation tool as it will help others who may have the same query.

3. Knowledge base

In extension to the aforementioned technique, knowledge base articles can help resolve all the queries of your customers. So ponder over what queries your customers could have, and setup an extensive knowledge base to answer all of them. It could include articles on how to use your product or service in the best way possible. Include FAQs and videos to make things interesting. Once all the queries of your visitor are answered, he could be a potential lead.

Focus On Your Customer

Try not to restrict your lead generation strategy to only the basics of digital marketing. Think about your customers and improve your customer service to keep them happy and keep generating leads effectively.

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