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Is Zendesk a Good Product for Web Startups?

Posted on 07 Jun 10:10

If you're creating a new website for your business, you've probably heard about Zendesk, a proprietary software solution that streamlines customer service for Web-based businesses. To help you decide if Zendesk is right for you, here's an overview of Zendesk and how it can benefit your Web startup.

What Does Zendesk Do?

Zendesk provides a state-of-the-art Help Desk that streamlines customer service communications, enabling your support agents to respond to questions more quickly and effectively. Zendesk's interactive Help Center also provides an online community and self-help portal for easy customer use. In addition, Zendesk offers analytics tools, which are invaluable to a start-up, to monitor and improve customer service performance.

Why Use Zendesk?

Customer service begins with a customer communication: an email, tweet, phone call or live chat message. Zendesk streamlines these communications in an easy-access format that ensures faster response times, which can give your startup a stellar reputation from the get-go.

Zendesk highlights emails that need immediate attention, and enables support agents to work on multiple support tickets simultaneously so they don't get backlogged — a common problem with many startups. In addition, Zendesk provides resources and information to immediately solve issues, eliminating unnecessary research. If your support agents need to refer a question to another department, collaboration tools make teamwork more efficient. Easy-to-use live chat and online/voice messaging platforms will enhance your reputation with customers, and you can use tracking analytics to identify problems and improve them.

Who Uses Zendesk?

Zendesk is used by international mega-companies such as Xerox, Roku and Disney. According to L'Oreal spokesperson David Desinger, Zendesk has enabled the L'Oreal support team to stay on top of customer service communications by providing an easy-access overview of every ticket that comes in. Likewise, Ryan Riddle, a spokesperson at content management provider Box, says that Zendesk's analytics tools have enabled the Box support team to handle workflow much more efficiently.

Making Zendesk Even Better

Here is how you can optimize the Zendesk Help Center for your startup website:

  1. Marketing and Social Networking: These can be used to drive customer traffic to your Help Center.
  2. Proactive participation: Regular monitoring of performance or resolution times can help your staff improve its effectiveness.
  3. Appearance: You can make your standard Help Center look even more attractive, user-friendly and appealing to customers by using one of the many specially created template themes from

With easy-to-use messaging platforms and a streamlined customer service center, Zendesk can get your Web startup off to a flying start, giving you with all the tools you need to provide stellar customer service, as well as the analytics to make sure that it stays that way.

It's time to get your ideal help center!

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