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Three Ways Zendesk Creates a Superior Support Service for Your Business

Posted on 26 May 09:59 AM

With more than 45,000 clients, Zendesk has established itself as an industry leader offering superior help-desk and support services to businesses of all sizes. The Zendesk Help Center allows you to manage an array of channels and customers with ease using a variety of premium features, helping you offer the user support your clients deserve. It also has an excellent support staff of its own, so you can get timely guidance if you need assistance using the service.

1. Offers a Self-Service Customer Portal

Fast Company reports that 70 percent of customers expect a self-service option that allows them to answer their questions without contacting your company. To help meet this need, Zendesk offers customer-portal software that allows your business to show previously answered questions, offer articles explaining common problems and submit new problems for review. The Zendesk Help Center also allows your business to customize this portal so that your clients have a seamless customer experience. 

2. Provides Social-Media Monitoring Tools

It's not enough to answer questions quickly from your online help desk; customers expect a fast response regardless of how they contact you. In one survey, 55 percent of respondents expected an answer within four hours to questions submitted on Facebook or Twitter. Zendesk integrates social media with help-desk customer tracking, so your customer-service representatives can respond quickly and in the medium most appropriate to the conversation. Zendesk also allows you to track the responses you receive from social media, even if your customers didn't open a help ticket. 

3. Integrates Communications Channels

Not only does the Zendesk Help Center support Facebook and Twitter, but it also routes your company's emails, calls and chats into one centralized location. Therefore, if your customer has an ongoing complaint or concern, your representatives can easily view the history of that problem and take appropriate action. By collecting all of this information, Zendesk also encourages timely and personalized support that will help retain clients.

Zendesk draws together the various parts of your customer-support system into one simple-to-use, cloud-based tool. In many cases, Zendesk can offer customers the tools they need to solve their own problems without needing the help of your representatives. To make sure that your Zendesk Help Center is ready to offer the services that your customers expect, consider customizing it with a special theme and Zendesk templates from


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